Teak Restoration

What Is Teak Restoration?

There are many products and services that say they can easily restore your furniture back to its original condition after it has weathered. The fact of the matter is that there is no magic formula to professionally restore your furniture. Clients contact us because they have been left scratching their heads on how to properly restore and care for their furniture. Many have tried the do it yourself approach and applied the wrong product or restoration technique and a few have simply given up and let their furniture weather.

Professional refinishing is an art form we have perfected over years of constantly working with teak wood while addressing the specific needs of our clients. Simply stated, professional restoration is the act of transforming weathered and damaged furniture back to its original condition. Our restoration services are based on proven old world craftsman techniques with special attention to the constantly changing field of wood preservation. We realize that you have purchased furniture for it design and beauty and also because it is an extension of your home and it should be cared for accordingly. Restoring the furniture you love so much is what we do.


What is our Process?

There are many we consider when it comes to correctly and efficiently perform your restoration project. The most common factors we will address are if your furniture has been damaged by pressure washing, oil, varnish, mold, or the harsh graying effects of the sun? After we have formulated the correct procedure, we start with a mild surface clean to remove dirt and mold. If your furniture has a deteriorating finish such as oil or varnish, it will be removed with a biodegradable stripping agent. Once the furniture surface is clean we then perform multiple levels of intense sanding. Sanding is one of the most important steps in our restoration process because it removes all remaining debris and surface damage while ensuring a smooth texture is restored back to the wood. The wood is then cleaned and brightened to promote color and prevent mold.

The final step in our restoration process is applying the finish. We apply a deep penetrating sealers finishes to help prevent the damaging effects of the sun and weather. Sealers are the most effective way to easily maintain your furniture. Our sealers magnify the beautiful grain of the wood and dries matte. The final look of your furniture is very natural and absolutely stunning.


Before & Afters


Sealing New Furniture

New outdoor furniture needs to be sealed immediately after purchase. The damaging effects of the sun will quickly start to oxidize the wood without proper protection. It is essentially the same concept as putting sunscreen on your skin to protect it from the sun. Having the wood sealed from the beginning is best to protect your new furniture and avoid the need for restoration. We begin our sealing process by wiping the furniture with a pre-stain wood conditioner. This conditioner cleans the wood and will help prevent mold and mildew from occurring. The conditioner also allows the pores in the wood to open and penetrate and accept the sealer better. When the wood is dry, we begin to apply the protective sealer coating and tint we have chosen with you. The sealer will help protect the wood from premature weathering and will help with foods stains. Our sealers dry within hours and can be used the next day. We recommend our annual maintenance program to have your furniture re-coated once a year.


What is Teak Repair?

There may be many different reasons why you are in need of professional furniture repair. Whether you have chairs that have become loose over time or an extension dining table that may not open properly, your repairs are not uncommon to us. We are experts in the art and science of furniture construction and its occasional need of repair. We inlay missing pieces of wood while matching the grain and we can hand fabricate major damaged items such as a broken arm or leg of a chair. We are skilled in fabricating all types of furniture joinery including mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, dowel joints, and edge joints. Our furniture repairs never compromise structural integrity and are repaired according to manufacturer’s specifications.


Maintenance Program

We recommend having your furniture maintenance every 8 to 12 months to ensure optimal protection. When it is time, we follow up by simply sending you reminders letting you know it’s time for your furniture’s annual maintenance. We never lock you into pesky and invasive contracts. We perform our furniture maintenance on site and the work can usually be done in just a few hours. To prep, we simply perform light spot sanding and clean the surfaces. When the wood has dried we re-apply the finish to maintain the clean and brand new appearance of your furniture.


How Much Does it Cost?

If maintaining the look of your outdoor furniture has gotten away from you, don’t worry. Our restoration services are very affordable and cost considerably less than buying new furniture. Performing thousands of refinishing projects on many different styles of furniture gives us the ability to quote you over the phone after asking a few simple questions. If your restoration project is more technical or if you prefer, we always provide free on site quotes. Beautifying the valuable furniture you love is just a phone call away!


Do You Work On Site or Pick Up?

You have a choice with Teak Master. We can work on site or off site. It’s up to you! Pickup and delivery is quick and easy and free to all of Los Angeles County and Orange County*. Of course, if you prefer our care services can be performed on site in the convenience of your home right in front of you. Please take a look at our service recommendations listed below.

We are always striving to provide a better refinishing experience for our clients. Our off site service eliminates the hassle of dust, noise, and cleaning and stripping agents on your premises. It is always best to perform furniture refinishing in a controlled environment free from moisture and outside elements. We suggest the following services be performed off site:

-Refinishing and Restoration
-Furniture Repair
-Removing Varnish, Polyurethane and Oil
-Mold Removal

We recommend on site service to quickly and efficiently perform the following projects:

-Sealing New Furniture
-Furniture Maintenance


What areas do you service?

We service thousands of clients throughout all of Southern California. We service Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County. Many of our clients are located in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. We are headquartered in El Monte California just steps away from famed patio furniture icon Brown Jordan. Our centralized location in Los Angeles and service trucks stationed in Orange County gives us access to quickly and efficiently meet your needs when it comes to your refinishing and restoration projects.