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Redwood vs. Ipe: Wood Deck Comparison

Redwood and ipe are attractive decking options that add natural beauty to outdoor spaces. They have differences that need to be considered when making a decision. While ipe is a high-density hardwood known for durability and weather resistance, redwood is… Read More ►

Best Woodworking Studios in Los Angeles

If you’re interested in learning a new craft that uses your hands, why not consider taking up woodworking? If you’re ready for this adventure, visit a woodworking studio so you can take classes taught by professionals within the industry. Impressively,… Read More ►

Nyatoh vs. Teak

Nyatoh and teak are both popular woods for outdoor furniture and construction. Some products advertised as low-cost teak are nyatoh in disguise. It’s important to purchase your furniture and construction materials from reliable dealers to make sure you know what you’re… Read More ►

Refinishing a Wood Deck: What’s the Cost?

As a homeowner, you have certain tasks you need to complete to maintain your home’s integrity. One of these jobs involves refinishing a deck. Refinishing a deck is important because this step can make sure its appearance and functionality continue… Read More ►

Top 5 Healthy Food Spots in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, is roaring back to life following the massive closures of restaurants and the economic turmoil that ravaged the hospitality industry in 2020. The city’s culinary sector is experiencing rapid developments, thanks to the new establishments and… Read More ►

Ipe vs. Mahogany: Color, Lifespan, Price & More

Choosing a hardwood decking material can be complex, especially when the wood is sourced from multiple places worldwide and many options are available. Ipe and genuine mahogany are popular and durable options for natural hardwood decking that have long life… Read More ►

How Much Does It Cost to Refinish Teak Furniture?

Teak furniture is a beautiful addition to any home. This sleek wood offers the perfect combination of sophistication and warmth, whether you’re using it for lounge chairs, bar stools, or an entire dining set. Though teak is famously low-maintenance, it… Read More ►

5 Trendiest Dining Spots in Orange County

When you’re out and about and want to grab a meal with family, have a drink with friends, sip coffee with your parents, or share a dessert with your sweetheart, you want a place that is worth your time, attention,… Read More ►

Does Pressure-Treated Wood Rot?

Pressure-treated wood is extremely long-lasting and easy to work with, but you might worry that this type of wood can suffer from wood rot since wood rot is one of the most dangerous types of hazards for a home. Not… Read More ►

Top 12 Interior Designers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has become a home for iconic interior designers. With their taste for the recent trends and designs in the industry, Los Angeles designers are a global source of design inspiration. From celebrated designers to up-and-coming talent, you can… Read More ►

How to Restain a Deck Without Stripping the Wood

Homeowners know a house requires a lot of maintenance and is worth every inch of effort and every penny you put into it. A well-maintained home brings joy beyond measure and grows with the family. A deck extends your living… Read More ►

Top 5 Orange County House Hunting Tips

Orange County is a beautiful place to live. It has great year-round weather and access to lots of activities and attractions, making it an ideal locale to call home. For these reasons, among others, real estate is pricey and in high… Read More ►

How To Refinish an Oak Front Door

An oak front door is a beautiful feature that will draw admiring looks toward any home. Unfortunately, wood doors can age noticeably over time. Exposed to the sun, dirt, and elements, your door may begin to take on a cracked,… Read More ►

6 Most Famous Celebrity Homes in Los Angeles

Since Hollywood took the country by storm, California has been home to some of the biggest stars. One area in particular, known as the Platinum Triangle, was a popular celebrity hangout even before Los Angeles existed. This triangle consists of… Read More ►

10 Most Expensive Woods in the World

You’ve probably heard of common woods like oak, maple, walnut, and cherry, but how about Lignum Vitae or bocote? Rare woods like these have some stunning features such as distinctive grains, unsurpassed durability, and stunning color-changing abilities. Though these exotic… Read More ►