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Teak Restoration

There is a reason why you purchased teak furniture, it’s absolutely amazing to look at. However, you have probably encountered that keeping that amazing look year round is not as easy as it seems. It does not have to be so difficult. Experience is the key in restoring, repairing, and maintaining teak furniture to keep your investment looking great all the time. High end manufacturers and retail stores trust our decades of experience as the ultimate service in outdoor teak refinishing and care.

Deck Restoration

The guessing game on how to properly protect your wood deck has officially been eliminated. Why should protecting and keeping the beautiful look of your deck be so tough? Our service takes the headache away by thoroughly addressing every aspect of professional deck care such as wood type, restoration and refinishing, color, repair, and maintenance. Our company has been performing deck restoration and refinishing for almost 20 years.

Home Restoration

Why trust restoring or maintaining your beautiful exterior wood features on your home to just anyone? Shingles, windows, garage doors, and siding all need to be carefully protected and maintained so they stay looking great all the time. Our twenty years of knowledge and hands on experience mastering the art of exterior wood care, certifies your home will be receiving the highest level of service and expertise.


Exterior wood in a commercial environment must be able to withstand constant abuse while maintaining a perfect appearance. No matter how large the project, our crews quickly and efficiently restore and all exterior wood surfaces in a commercial environment so they stay looking their best and ready to enjoy for your clientele and guests.
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Why Teak Master?

Over twenty years of hands on experience solidifies Teak Master as the nation's foremost experts in restoring exterior wood surfaces. We are a focused group of trained wood craftsmen solely dedicated to the lost art and often overlooked field of professional exterior wood care and maintenance. Our company is fully licensed, insured, bonded, with workers compensation. We are trusted by thousands of homeowners, designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, and contractors who demand the highest level of exterior wood care and superior customer service. Our service technicians have been extensively trained and certified as experts by top manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore, Brown Jordan, Arborcoat, Gloster, Messmer’s, Dewalt, Janus et Cie, TWP, Porter Cable, and Sikkens.

Meticulous attention to detail and an extensive knowledge of the finest wood preservative coatings and restoration techniques is an understatement. We are truly dedicated to making our clients wood surfaces stand out as valuable pieces of art for their home. Dedicated team leads with at least 3 years experience are on site overseeing each and every step of your project. Making sure our clients are informed on our process and what is takes to keep their investment in pristine condition is job one. After performing your teak refinishing, deck refinishing, or wood home restoration project, a periodic maintenance schedule is formulated to keep your wood looking its best.

We have two convenient locations in Southern California to quickly and efficiently service Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura. Our company owned 5,500 square foot secured headquarters is centrally located in Los Angeles and allows for immediate service from Santa Barbara to San Clemente.

Our satellite location in Laguna Niguel Orange County is ready for quick thorough on site service. We also offer the convenience of complementary pickup and delivery for the finest teak furniture cleaning service available. Our mobile crews stationed in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura can quickly address your teak restoration or deck refinishing needs at your home right in front of you.

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Commercial Clients
We serve residents in Southern California as well some of the most respected brands in the country. If they trust us, you can as well.
Look No Further
Teak Master specializes in professionally addressing your concerns and solves the challenges associated with protecting and maintaining exterior wood surfaces. We have over 20 years of hands on experience performing teak refinishing and deck refinishing and have mastered the unique weathering characteristics of exterior wood surfaces. The unwanted changes in the appearance of your valuable teak furniture, wood deck, wood siding, or any other exterior wood surface can be restored and brought back to its original condition. With proper care and maintenance, your exterior wood investment can look perfect for its entire life.
Inventor of the Clean, Sand, Brighten, Seal Method
We recognized the need for a service specifically addressing exterior wood care way back in the mid-nineties. We were flat out discouraged by the degree of misleading information available at that time. We also realized that specific exterior services were extremely scarce and techniques differed widely. What were you supposed to believe? At that time, we did not have an exact process or method that would address the exterior wood care. We did have basic refinishing knowledge and also had the unrelenting will to find a more established and better way. Below is the most comprehensive way to refinish exterior wood surfaces we invented. This process has been often imitated but never duplicated to the Teak Master level!
At one time, we used brute force to refinish exterior wood surfaces. We would essentially grind off all contaminants including oxidation, mold, miles, algae, and previous coatings by sanding. We quickly realized that if we could remove these layers of contaminants, sanding would be easier and the visual results would be enhanced. Power washing was always thought of as damaging to wood and cleaning solutions were always thought of a harsh to the grain. We researched the best power washing systems and refined a technique using the correct pressure and tips to safely remove contaminants and deteriorating coatings. After using dissolving agents we quickly realized the runoff onto other surfaces would not work. We established the first step in our process, cleaning. Make no mistake, cleaning alone is not refinishing.
Sanding is absolutely necessary for all older and new wood. Sanding will remove mill glaze on new wood and will restore older unkempt surfaces. To skip the sanding process on refinishing older wood leaves a layer of dead cellulose fibers. Essentially, skipping the sanding process will leave a barrier of oil wood that makes penetrating and adhering of the sealer more difficult. Sanding has always been the most important part of our process because it unearths brand new wood. Over the years we have incorporated use of high end paper and various sanding tools including Festool and Clarke American Sanders. Sanding will ultimately remove weathering and coatings cleaning won't.
Ah, the really important step no one heard of until we came along. Wood brightening agents have been used in marine environments for a while. It is effective in removing mold and algae. It is sometimes called oxalic acid which is a bleaching agent. After we clean and sand, we wanted to achieve an even higher level of refinishing. Employing the use of wood brightener/oxalic acid promotes the natural grain and color and also eliminates and helps prevent mold, mildew, and algae. After we bring in the "big guns" and do the hard work, we want to make sure it is prepped for the coating. This means eliminating and contaminants still embedded in the wood. Brightener also helps with new wood by removing mill glaze and marks from the milling process. It will also help with black marks from metal and screw and nail bleed. It has many uses that we take advantage of!
Sealer Coatings
Surfaces that have horizontal areas such as decks and outdoor teak furniture need periodic maintenance to keep them in tip top shape. We realized the best way to protect and maintain these surfaces is with a coating that seeps inside the wood and protects from within. Overtime the sealer will eventually dissipate but it can be reapplied with relative ease. This means the wood can be constantly replenished to keep it looking great and stay protected. We tried all types of coatings through the years that look great and lasted a decent amount of time but would blister and peel over time. These types of coatings are not maintainable. The old school oil penetrating sealers are still best for enhancing and maintaining most exterior wood surfaces.
Yeah, the process may sound simple but it isn't. It has taken years to narrow down a process that addresses everything Nature throws at us. Many attempting to do this type of work simply do not have the knowledge or the will to employ this type of detailed work. Our clean, sand, brighten, and seal method has been applied to thousands of our projects with proven results for over 20 years.
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