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We are confident in our service and track record throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Protect your investment and beautify your home. You will be amazed with the results.

Teak Restoration

There is a reason why you purchased teak furniture, it’s absolutely amazing to look at. However, you have probably encountered that keeping that amazing look year round is not as easy as it seems. It does not have to be so difficult. Experience is the key in restoring, repairing, and maintaining teak furniture to keep your investment looking great all the time. High end manufacturers and retail stores trust our decades of experience as the ultimate service in outdoor teak refinishing and care.

Deck Restoration

The guessing game on how to properly protect your wood deck has officially been eliminated. Why should protecting and keeping the beautiful look of your deck be so tough? Our service takes the headache away by thoroughly addressing every aspect of professional deck care such as wood type, restoration and refinishing, color, repair, and maintenance. Our company has been performing deck restoration and refinishing for almost 20 years.

Home Restoration

Why trust restoring or maintaining your beautiful exterior wood features on your home to just anyone? Shingles, windows, garage doors, and siding all need to be carefully protected and maintained so they stay looking great all the time. Our twenty years of knowledge and hands on experience mastering the art of exterior wood care, certifies your home will be receiving the highest level of service and expertise.


Exterior wood in a commercial environment must be able to withstand constant abuse while maintaining a perfect appearance. No matter how large the project, our crews quickly and efficiently restore and all exterior wood surfaces in a commercial environment so they stay looking their best and ready to enjoy for your clientele and guests.

Front Door Restoration

Our expert team is dedicated to reviving the beauty of your front door and transforming it into a stunning focal point for your home. Using our advanced techniques and premium products, we restore the natural color and luster of your door while providing long-lasting protection against the elements. With our thorough cleaning, sanding, staining, and sealing process, we ensure that your front door regains its original charm and durability. Trust Teak Master to deliver exceptional results and make your front door the envy of the neighborhood.

Garage Door Restoration

Experience the remarkable craftsmanship of garage door restoration at Teak Master. Our dedicated team specializes in transforming worn-out garage doors into stunning showcases. With meticulous attention to detail, we bring out the true potential of your garage door, transforming it into a captivating centerpiece for your property. Our restoration process involves expert techniques and premium materials that breathe new life into your garage door, enhancing its appearance and protecting it against the elements.
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Why Teak Master?

Over twenty years of hands on experience solidifies Teak Master as the nation's foremost experts in restoring exterior wood surfaces. We are a focused group of trained wood craftsmen solely dedicated to the lost art and often overlooked field of professional exterior wood care and maintenance. Our company is fully licensed, insured, bonded, with workers compensation. We are trusted by thousands of homeowners, designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, and contractors who demand the highest level of exterior wood care and superior customer service. Our service technicians have been extensively trained and certified as experts by top manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore, Brown Jordan, Arborcoat, Gloster, Messmer’s, Dewalt, Janus et Cie, TWP, Porter Cable, and Sikkens.

Meticulous attention to detail and an extensive knowledge of the finest wood preservative coatings and restoration techniques is an understatement. We are truly dedicated to making our clients wood surfaces stand out as valuable pieces of art for their home. Dedicated team leads with at least 3 years experience are on site overseeing each and every step of your project. Making sure our clients are informed on our process and what is takes to keep their investment in pristine condition is job one. After performing your teak refinishing, deck refinishing, or wood home restoration project, a periodic maintenance schedule is formulated to keep your wood looking its best.

We have two convenient locations in Southern California to quickly and efficiently service Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura. Our company owned 5,500 square foot secured headquarters is centrally located in Los Angeles and allows for immediate service from Santa Barbara to San Clemente.

Our satellite location in Laguna Niguel Orange County is ready for quick thorough on site service. We also offer the convenience of complementary pickup and delivery for the finest teak furniture cleaning service available. Our mobile crews stationed in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura can quickly address your teak restoration or deck refinishing needs at your home right in front of you.

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We serve residents in Southern California as well some of the most respected brands in the country. If they trust us, you can as well.
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Do you need to refinish an exotic wood home feature or project? Are your outside wood features losing their luster? Teak Master is the local authority in South El Monte in keeping your exotic wood looking new for years. We joyfully service all of Southern California and understand the specific requirements that woods in our area demand, such as Teak, Ipe, Cumaru, Mangaris, Redwood, and all other species and varieties.

The Teak Master team specializes in repairing, treating, and protecting your exotic hardwood features. Our technicians repair teak decking and furniture using only the best materials and specialized equipment. We provide comprehensive external decking, wood refinishing, and teak services for household and business clients, so view the details below.

Teak Restoration Services

Teak wood is popular for outdoor furniture due to its beauty and durability, but it still needs upkeep to preserve its lovely color and prevent or treat dirt and stains. Teak Master provides a variety of services to help you maintain your teak assets. Whether you have furniture that needs to be cleaned, an ancient piece in need of restoration, or you're a company that uses teak seats and tables, our expert staff will advise you on the best way to move forward.

Teak Refinishing and Cleaning

Teak is valued for its durability and makes some of the most naturally attractive outdoor furniture. The proper technique to care for vintage furniture may be more specific than expected. Our knowledge in properly restoring, repairing, and preserving teak furniture covers many tasks, such as teak cleaning to restore a piece of wood's inherent beauty and color. The two most typical methods for cleaning teak furniture are using a soft bristle brush and a moderate power wash.

Commercial Teak Furniture Restoration  

It's crucial to safeguard your teak furniture from the outset so it can withstand regular usage, spilled food and beverages, and the impacts of sun and rain. However, wood maintenance at commercial facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings can be a more complicated or time-intensive service. This is no problem at Teak Master, as our sizable crew can complete any quantity of teak chairs, tables, and decks quickly, on-site or at our facilities. 

Restoration for Specific Brands

We've serviced hundreds of items from major manufacturers of teak wood. Gloster, Teak Warehouse, Summit, and Brown Jordan are a few of the brands we work with. Our multistep external wood refining procedure removes dirt, aging signs, and discoloration, and we then protect your item with specially formulated coatings. While many jobs are similar, we always repair or refurbish items according to their latest manufacturer recommendations and standards, taking extra steps to safeguard your property in the long term.

Wood Deck Restoration Services

Decks are an extension of a house, and they should be as lovely as the rest of it. Long months of California sunshine may be damaging to your deck surface. In addition, rainwater may leak into cracks and damage the stability, even if it's built of hardwoods, such as teak, ironwood, managers, and redwood. You've made a major investment in your wood deck, so you'll want to ensure that it continues to bring value to your home.

Teak Master's crew has considerable experience, training, and the necessary instruments to restore your deck to its original beauty. We understand the processes and special demands of all types of wood, including Ipe, Teak, Mangaris, Camaru, Redwood, Mahogany, Cedar, Thermory, and all others used in deck building.

Exterior Wood Refurnishing 

Professional exterior-wood home restoration and maintenance is an often-overlooked aspect of home or property management. Aged and worn external wood surfaces can have an unattractive appearance. Teak Master has been executing flawless outside wood repair for over 20 years, with unbeatable expertise in maintaining wood houses, shingles, siding, pergolas, garage doors, wood trim, and front doors. 

We always use precise, modern restoration procedures and recommend the best coatings and colors for your job. Deck upkeep begins with washing the surface, followed by light spot sanding. We then apply a wood brightener and a protective coating. In addition, we help you develop a maintenance strategy to keep your assets looking fresh and lovely all year. Periodic cleanings and recoatings are often essential to prevent deterioration.

Teak furniture and decks may survive for decades if properly cared for. Teak Master's skilled staff is available to give you the services you want at a reasonable price. We strive hard to fulfill your assignments on time and keep the task within your budget.

Why Should You Pick Us?

Teak Master is dedicated to being the greatest external wood preservation and deck care company. We're the nation's leading specialists in repairing outdoor teak surfaces, with over 20 years of hands-on expertise. Customers continue to make us their first pick due to our familiarity with professional external wood treatment and upkeep, but that's just the beginning.

With large contracting jobs, professionalism is paramount. Our firm is properly licensed, insured, and bonded and has extensive workers' compensation programs in place. Thousands of homeowners, designers, architects, furniture makers, and contractors depend on Teak Master, whether to work on wood surfaces by Benjamin Moore, Brown Jordan, Arborcoat, Gloster, Messmer's, Dewalt, Janus et Cie, TWP, Porter Cable, or Sikkens. You'll get the right team to handle the job with care every time.

Finally, in addition to ensuring that our customers are happy, we're committed to environmental protection by recycling all trash at recycling facilities and using biodegradable materials whenever feasible. All goods used comply with Californias' MSDS and clean air volatile organic compounds laws.

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After you've spent money on wooden decks or features, make it count with the necessary protective and preventive treatments. Please contact Teak Master's external wood finishing technicians if you require any of our repair or restoration services, either online or by phone. Our Orange County location in Laguna Niguel, serving everywhere from Los Angeles to Ventura County, is ready to provide prompt and comprehensive on-site service, and we can provide free pickup and delivery. Let us repair or refinish your deck right at your home or work site in record time.

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