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Chances are if you own a deck, at some point you will need professional restoration. In fact we have restored over 100 teak decks throughout Southern California. How do you know you need deck refinishing? Take a close look at the color of your deck. If it has changed from a beautiful blonde honey color to an unsightly gray appearance, it needs to be professionally restored. Deck restoration consists of applying proven refinishing methods to decks made of wood to make it new in texture and appearance. Years of hands on experience is why we are highly skilled in addressing all types of deck restoration issues such as gray oxidation removal, varnish and polyurethane removal, and mold elimination.

Teak is a dense type of wood. It holds up well when used for outdoor furniture. Since it’s a weather-resistant wood, with some upkeep, it can last for decades.

Professionals source teak from rain forests in Thailand, Indonesia, South Asia, Malaysia, and Burma. Teak has a beautiful gold sheen in its natural form, and with age, it changes to a silver color that is equally as attractive if that’s the look you prefer. Teak has expanded in popularity and works for many applications. One of the top uses is outdoor furniture. Teak isn’t inexpensive, but it’s a wise investment. A piece of teak furniture can last you a lifetime.

How to Know When Your Teck Deck Needs Refinishing

A teak deck is elegant, and this type of wood is rare and durable, making it a sought-after material for building decks. However, to keep it looking at its best, a teak deck needs proper maintenance. Take a look at your deck. If it has lost its shiny, honey color and instead appears gray and dull, you most likely need restoration services, unless you are striving for the patina appearance. Teak Master has decades of experience restoring teak decks in Southern California, so you know you’re getting professional service for your deck restoration when you choose to work with us.

Our Teak Deck Refinishing Process

Benjamin Moore Certified Stain ContractorOur deck restoration process begins with an onsite evaluation to determine what needs to be done. Many decks are in need of refinishing because of lack of maintenance. When decks are unprotected, they will gray in color when the natural oils in the wood oxidize. The grain of the wood can lift because of temperature change and dust, dirt, and mold can embed itself in the wood leaving it black in color. Contractors often apply varnish or urethane to coat decks to resemble a yacht look. Varnish and urethane may be ok for a small deck of a boat or yacht whose owner has the time and money to maintain it, but for a large deck, it’s an absolute no-no. We have restored many decks that have had the wrong finish applied to it such as varnish and other subpar products.

Deck restoration begins with cleaning the wood’s surface to remove dirt, dust, pollen, oxidation, and mold. Inferior coatings will be stripped to remove it from the surface of the wood. After the deck has been cleaned, it will be thoroughly sanded. Efficient sanding will eliminate remaining coatings and restore a smooth feel back to the wood. After the wood has been completely sanded, it will be cleaned and bleached. Wood bleaching is needed to promote color and eliminate mold. The final step is coating the wood. The best way to maintain a natural appearance of a deck is to have it sealed with a high quality sealer. Our sealers are natural in color and dry matte.

Cost of Teak Deck Restoration Services

The cost of restoration will depend on a variety of factors. We consider how weathered and oxidized your deck is as well as its size when we estimate the cost of the job. A teak deck that’s only showing the early signs of being weathered will be less expensive to restore than a deck that’s gone untreated for many years. Our experts will take into account the time it will take to complete the project when quoting you a restoration estimate.

How to Care for Teak Outdoor Furniture

With proper care, teak outdoor furniture can last for decades. While the wood is substantially durable, it still needs some TLC and maintenance to keep it looking its best. Whether you want the natural blond look or the silver aesthetic that comes with slightly weathered wood, consider the following tips for how to care for teak outdoor furniture.

If you prefer the natural blond look, you can use certain formulated teak cleaners to brighten and clean the wood. You can also use a mild washing or cleaning agent with a soft bristle brush to keep your wood bright and fresh. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any residue.

Cities along the coast, such as Laguna Beach, Malibu, and Newport Beach, will require more TLC for teak furniture than inland locations such as Orange County and Los Angeles. Inland owners should perform maintenance on their teak outdoor furniture once a year, while owners along the coast will benefit from more frequent maintenance.

How to Protect Teak Outdoor Furniture and Best Methods for Sealing Teak Outdoor Furniture

Protecting and sealing your teak outdoor furniture will help keep it bright and natural-looking as well as prevent mold or other damage. Several options exist to safeguard teak outdoor furniture and keep it looking better longer.

The best option for protecting your teak outdoor furniture is to use a sealer. Sealing teak outdoor furniture helps protect your investment to keep it as beautiful as the day you got it. This sealant allows the wood to maintain a natural appearance and enhances the grain without a shiny appearance. Brush a sealant onto the wood so that the teak absorbs as much of the sealant as possible. Maintenance with a sealer is easy; reapply it over previous applications. Various tints can help you achieve a customized look.

Varnish is another option used to protect teak outdoor furniture. Varnishing gives teak a deep, finished look, and it’s available in various sheen options, including high gloss and matte. You must apply at least three layers, and each application needs to go onto a smooth surface.

You can also use a water-based clear coat to protect your teak outdoor furniture. This method is becoming more popular and is a long-lasting solution for protection against the weather. Clear coats also must be applied in layers, but each layer will dry quickly. Many water-based clear coats are eco-friendly products.

Having your teak wood furniture preserved within two weeks of purchasing it is the best way to keep it looking newer for longer. Don’t allow damage to happen to your wood; contact Teak Master today and protect your investment from the beginning of your purchase.

Teak Furniture Restoration

When purchasing teak outdoor furniture, be sure to learn about the proper maintenance and ways to keep your furniture looking new. If you have improperly maintained teak furniture, Teak Master offers teak furniture restoration to restore your wood to the state you bought it in. We have more than 20 years of experience and have a passion for restoring weathered teak to enhance it and help protect it from further damage.

Our multistep restoration process removes accumulated dirt, signs of aging, and discoloration to bring out the natural color and grain of your teak pieces. It takes someone who has experience working with teak to know when to sand versus clean and what sealants and oils to use to restore teak furniture. Teak Master has the tools and skills necessary to restore cherished teak furniture pieces.

Teak Furniture Refinishing

Teak furniture refinishing helps keep the wood looking as good as the day you got it. Whether you’ve experienced some change due to natural aging or have mold or dirt that you need to remove, the knowledgeable team at Teak Master has the experience necessary to do the job.

The first step in refinishing teak furniture is to clean the wood as described above. We recommend using a mild cleanser with a brush and water directly on the wood. Once clean, be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving any residue behind. You can use bleach to treat deep stains or mold. Once dry, sanding the wood helps remove any silver that has appeared and helps smooth the surface. When you’ve finished sanding, you can apply a sealer, varnish, or water-based clear coat to preserve and protect the wood.

Before & Afters

Sealing Teak Decks

Teak decks are rare and very expensive. These decks need to be coated within two weeks after construction has been completed. Contaminants such as dirt, sun, moisture, and pollen will discolor a new deck immediately if it is not properly protected. Our process for sealing new teak decks begins with a thorough surface wash with deck brightener to remove tannins, mill glaze, and mold. This is essential because it removes unwanted contaminants from the wood and allows the coating to adhere and penetrate to full potential. After the wood has dried for at least 24 hours, it will be coated. Penetrating sealers are the best coatings to protect decks because they are maintainable. Our sealers dig deep down into dense wood, adding natural elements and pigments to protect. Overtime the sealer will dissolve and natural wood will be exposed. Maintenance service will need to be performed at this time.

Maintenance Program

After your deck has been coated properly, all that is needed is intermittent maintenance to keep it from needed deck refinishing. Our sealers will gradually fade overtime depending on exposure to sun and moisture. We will plan a tentative schedule to check on you deck to make sure it stays protected. Our deck maintenance consists of a mild surface clean to remove contaminants that have embedded themselves in the wood grain. The wood will be brightened to promote color and appearance. Your deck will be coated with the same product as used initially. The whole process is simple and will keep your valuable deck in tip top shape.

What Areas Do You Service?

Our services have been sought after by clients in search of deck restoration from around California, Nevada, Arizona, and New York. Our crew efficiently travels to your location and restores your deck and leaves your home and yard clean and ready to use each and every day they are onsite. We have been performing Teak deck refinishing in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego areas for many years. Our main focus is restoring decks in our own backyard of Southern California.

FAQs About the Teak Deck Restoration Process

Our state-of-the-art process allows us to masterfully restore and refinish decks in Southern California. The climate here can be harsh on wood decks of all types, but our process helps us keep your deck looking its best. If you have questions about our process, read the answers to some of the questions people frequently ask about our teak deck restoration process:

How Often Do I Need To Refinish My Teak Deck?

After you’ve built your teak deck, you need to coat it within two weeks. This will keep it from looking dull and fading too soon. The same is true if you purchase teak furniture. Once your deck gets its coating, you’ll need to maintain it. Cleaning it at least once a year is highly recommended for those who live inland, while decks that are closer to the ocean, such as in Malibu or Newport Beach, will need more frequent attention. Your deck’s exposure to sunlight and moisture will determine how often you should clean and maintain it.

How Long Will It Take To Restore My Teak Deck?

The first step in the restoration process is to thoroughly clean your deck. This will remove dirt, debris, oxidation, and mold from the surface of the wood. It also helps to open the grain so that it will be more receptive to sealant. After we wash your deck, we let it dry for at least 24 hours. We then sand the surface to remove any previous coatings. Next, we clean and bleach the surface of the deck, which helps kill mold and restore the natural color of the wood. The last step is to apply the sealant.

With this process, it can take several days to fully restore your deck. But our team is dedicated to doing the best possible job to get your deck back to its vibrant condition.

What Products Are Used To Restore My Teak Deck?

When we clean your deck, we use a mild formula that won’t harm your plants or animals. Our high-quality sealant provides your deck with a natural, matte appearance that will bring out the wood’s elegant look. We can also use a clear varnish that will provide a little more protection from weather and wear, but we’ll need to apply three coats for the ideal finish. Using a clear coat is another solution that’ll help protect your deck. Water-based clear coats are often better for the environment, and they dry quickly too.

When Can I Use My Teak Deck After It’s Restored?

Which coating we use on your teak deck will play a part in how soon you can use it after the refinishing is complete. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to wait at least 24 hours or more before you use the area. Once the sealant, varnish, or clear coat has had time to set, you’ll be able to enjoy your deck to its fullest.

Contact Teak Master Today

If you have a teak deck that you need to restore, reach out to the knowledgeable team at Teak Master today. We can answer any questions you have, help you set up a maintenance schedule, or work with you to refinish or restore your teak furniture. You can reach us online via our secure messaging system or at 888-204-8316. With more than 25,000 satisfied customers, you can trust Teak Master with your restoration needs. We’re available seven days a week for your convenience.


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