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Garage Door Refinishing

Wooden garage doors add natural beauty and depth to any home. In fact, they can take up as much as 20 to 40% of the front exterior of your home. So it goes without saying that they need to look absolutely perfect all the time. Direct sun and Nature’s elements bombard protective coatings and break them down in a relatively short amount of time if not properly serviced and maintained. Our professional garage door refinishing services reverse unwanted changes such as blistering, peeling, or oxidizing and restore the vibrant original natural wood look. Why trust a handyman or person who paints with such an important feature of your home? We have over 20 years of experience and our detailed home restoration and garage door refinishing techniques will not only save your wood garage door investment but will enhance the look of your entire home.

Our Process

Failing coatings that have cracked, blistered, oxidized, or peeled need to be entirely stripped from the wood. Attempting to save a finish that is failing compromises the look and integrity of a new coating and is a total waste of time and money.

We begin our wood garage door refinishing process by removing old coatings from the surface. This process can be done by sanding or by using a light chemical remover. The wood will be carefully sanded to expose fresh new smooth raw surfaces. Extra special attention will be given to keep the integrity of carvings and molding. The wood will be stained/sealed in a color of your choice or to match what was previously applied.

First, a base layer is applied. We will finish sand between coats until we apply 3 to 4 layers. Finish sanding allows the next application to bond and adheres to its full potential. This technique is what gives the finish a fine furniture-grade appearance. We apply all of our finishes by spraying or by brushing. All work areas, glass, finials, and hardware will be meticulously protected and taped off during the refinishing process.

Refinished Garage Door Maintenance

Protective coatings are designed to slow down the effects of Mother Nature’s weathering process. The best way to keep your newly restored garage door in stellar condition is with planned maintenance. We will formulate a planned schedule according to the microclimate and exposure your door receives. Maintenance consists of wiping the surface clean to remove dust and debris. The door will be lightly scuffed sanded so that the maintenance coat will bond and adhere. The surfaces will be coated with one to two layers of clear coat. This technique will keep a strong and fresh coating on your garage door all the time. Planned maintenance will keep the surfaces from ever needing a full garage door refinishing.

Protecting New Garage Doors

It is essential to protect new surfaces correctly to protect and allow for easy future maintenance and eliminate the need to garage door restoration. New doors should be allowed to acclimate from 1-2 weeks. We will lightly finish sanding to make sure the wood is finished properly to our specifications. The door will be stained, sealed in color of your choice on all 6 sides. The wood will be coated with 3-4 layers of yacht-grade clear coat. We will finish sand between layers for a fine furniture-grade outcome.

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If you’re in the Los Angeles area and looking for someone to refinish your garage door, contact Teak Master today. With over 20 years of experience, we can bring your wood garage door back to life! Not convinced? Check out some of our previous garage restoration projects!

Garage Door Refinishing FAQ

How do you refinish a wooden garage door?

The deteriorating protective coating must be removed through a process of stripping and sanding to reveal the stainable surface. The wood should be stained and coated with multiple layers of a clear film-forming finish. The wood can be sanded between coats for a smooth and rich appearance.

What colors are available?

Your garage door can be stained in almost any color. Once a color is chosen, it should be applied to your garage door’s wood type to see the true color. Various wood types accept stains differently and a test sample should always be performed when choosing a stain.

How much does a wooden garage door refinishing cost?

Pricing of garage door refinishing depends on the size, wood type, and amount of work needed. Typically, garage doors vary in size and design and have often been coated incorrectly which will factor into costs and timing. Generally speaking, a garage door refinishing could cost anywhere between $1500-$12,000.

How can I clean my newly refinished wooden garage door?

The best way to clean a newly refinished garage door is to wipe it clean with some water and a damp towel. A mild cleaner such as SIMPLE GREEN or MRS. MEYERS can be added to help clean off stubborn debris.

How long will my wooden garage door refinish last?

The coating applied when your garage door has been refinished needs to be periodically reapplied to protect the door from sun and moisture. Periodic maintenance of a garage door will eliminate a need for a full refinish and keep the garage door looking its best.

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