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Playset Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

Children’s playsets are often made from wood, as this material is nontoxic, durable, and safe. High-quality woods are pest-resistant, rot-resistant, and ideal for standing up to the elements. Wood also offers a wonderfully tactile feel that’s great for kids. Wood playsets must be properly cared for to retain their qualities, with annual maintenance to allow them to continue to withstand moisture and pests.

Over time, wood playsets can develop some problems. They may suffer from excess weathering, small areas of rot, cracks, or splinters. It’s easy to remedy these issues with professional care, which is just what playset refinishing provides. If the damage is more extensive, the job may extend into a full restoration, which takes a time-worn playset and makes it look and feel like new.

Just like other types of wooden outdoor furniture, you will eventually have to restore your playset to keep it looking nice and in good condition. This is where the professionals at Teak Master come in handy!

What is playset restoration?

Some of the best children’s outdoor playsets are made of different kinds of wood. Although wood is a durable and functional material, it can break down over time when exposed to the elements. The wood could also develop sharp or uneven pieces that can cause splinters. You will want to remedy this problem or prevent the problem from happening. Doing so will help keep your kids safe and make sure your playset looks welcoming and inviting.

If you are in Southern California, then you should contact our team to learn more about our playset restoration process. Our experienced technicians can restore your wooden playset and make sure that it is safe to use. The appearance and functionality of your playset will amaze you after we finish your restoration project.

The Teak Master Process – How We Restore Playsets

At Teak Master, we understand the importance of keeping your children’s wood playset clean, safe, and free from splinters. Our restoration process begins with a thorough cleaning of the entire surface. Our goal is to remove any dirt and grime that might have accumulated over time. We also want to strip away the previous finish applied to the wood. 

After the wood is properly clean and dry, we sand the wood multiple times to create a smooth finish. This step removes any uneven sections that could cause splinters.

Next, we brighten the wood to bring out its rich, original color and apply a protective coating to the surface. The coating will prevent moisture and other damaging elements from penetrating the wood, keeping it looking great throughout the changing climate conditions.

We perform all of these steps by hand to make sure we do a complete and detailed job. Our technicians recommend having your wooden playset restored and refreshed regularly to maintain its appearance and keep the surface smooth. We will need to reapply the protective coating every couple of years, and we will contact you when it’s time to schedule this service.

Playset Restoration Before & Afters

What are the best ways to maintain a wooden playset?

After we complete the restoration process, it is important for you to protect your wood playset and keep up its nice appearance. Also, you will want your kids to play on it as much as possible. To maintain a wooden playset, it’s important to seal the wood, inspect the playset regularly, keep it clean, remove any detachable parts when winterizing it, and make sure the playset is properly placed. Below, we have put together some basic tips you can follow to help you maintain the equipment and make sure it’s always safe and ready for use.

Seal the Wood

Sealing the wood is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your wooden play structure. A waterproof sealant will protect the wood from UV rays, limit how much moisture can seep into the wood, and provide a protective layer against mold and mildew. Since you should typically reseal every one to two years, we follow up our wood playset restoration process by sending you a reminder to let you know when it’s time to schedule a date to reseal. 

Inspect It Regularly

To keep your playset safe, you’ll want to regularly inspect all of its components. Since our warm Southern California weather means your kids can use their play structure throughout the year, you should inspect the components once a month. If you can’t use your playset during the winter months, you’ll want to inspect it in the spring before your kids starting playing on it and at least two more times during the summer.

When you inspect the playset, you should glance at all the accessories and hardware that hold the unit together. Look for broken or protruding bolts or screws that could become safety threats. You should go through and tighten all the nuts, bolts, and screws that look lose. You should keep an eye out for rust on metal components and cracks on plastic parts. If you seen any parts that are beginning to crack or rust, then you need to replace them immediately to avoid injuries. 

Finally, you should make sure that no insects have made nests in or around the playset. Wood-boring insects are known to take up residence in any type of wood they can find, and your child’s playground equipment is no exception. Wasps can set up nests in the roof peaks and interior corners, so watch out for signs of these bothersome (and potentially dangerous) flying insects.

Keep It Clean

Not only will a regular cleaning help keep your playset looking nice, but it can also help keep the wood from staining or rotting due to wetness. To clean your wooden play structure, you can simply use a mild soap and some water. You can also use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and bird droppings.

Part of cleaning also means preventing bugs and pests from making holes in the wood and building nests. One easy way to keep bugs away is to use a rag or cotton ball to apply liquid dish soap to the edge and inside corners of the roof lines. Also, don’t forget to apply the soap in the interior corners and roof peaks to keep wasps and spiders from building their nests or webs inside.

Remove Detachable Parts

If you need to winterize your wooden playset or protect it from an incoming storm, you’ll want to remove any parts that you can easily detach. These parts might include rope ladders, gliders, and swings. By removing these parts and storing them indoors, you can avoid any breakage or deterioration and extend their usable life.

You also might want to consider taking down the canopy roof if you can easily remove it. This will help prevent any stretching or tearing that can happen when the vinyl or fabric is exposed to strong winds or the heavyweight of snow.

If you can’t easily remove any parts from your play structure, you can cover it with a tarp during a storm or during the winter months. This will still provide some protection to the wood and other components of your playset.

Place It Properly

If your playset is exposed to constant moisture, then the risk of damage increases significantly. While wood used for playground equipment is often treated for moisture exposure, too much water can cause the wood to warp or swell. If possible, keep your playset in an area of the yard where it will not get drenched by the irrigation system or exposed to heavy rainfall.

How can I maintain a playset during the winter season?

Although some people keep their playsets up year-round, especially in Southern California, others choose to close them down for the winter. If your kids decide to remain indoors because of chilly weather during the winter, you should think about winterizing your equipment. This process includes removing and storing detachable items such as swings and rope ladders. 

If possible, remove the playset’s canopy roof to prevent tearing or stretching that can occur when the material is exposed to heavy winds. You can cover a playset that doesn’t have easily removable parts with a tarp to provide protection against the harsh climate conditions.

Why hire a professional for wooden playset restoration services?

Wood playsets are typically constructed with commercial-grade materials that require specific experience and knowledge for proper care and repair. Additionally, wood playsets can consist of a variety of different pieces, such as swings, climbing structures, ropes, slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, tires, basketball hoops, and more. These pieces can be made of wood, PVC, steel, rubber, or even a combination of these materials.

Professionals know the current safety standards for different types of playsets. Plus, if your wood playset needs any repairs, professionals have access to replacement parts and the specialty equipment needed to make those fixes.

What areas do you service?

Our mobile crew is ready to address your playset restoration project. We service all of Southern California.

How much does it cost to restore a wooden playset?

We offer competitive pricing for all our playset restoration services. The exact price of the project will vary based on the size and layout of your playset. We make a home visit for every cost estimate so we can provide accurate pricing to each customer. We thoroughly inspect your project and discuss the details with you to make sure that you get all the services you need.

In addition to the restoration and refinishing steps described above, we can replace entire parts of the playset if needed. We can also tighten or replace bolts and screws and repaint the surface of your playset to give you a finished product that looks brand new.

Our Maintenance Program

Playsets need to be maintained to keep the color of the wood preserved and free from splinters. We follow up by sending you a reminder letting you know it is time to give us a call and schedule a date to reseal. Periodic reapplication of the protective sealer will prevent the wood from splintering and discoloring.

Children’s wood playsets are a popular backyard addition for families with young children. These look nice and provide hours of outdoor fun and exercise for kids. However, just like other types of wooden outdoor furniture, you’ll eventually have to restore these to keep them free from splinters and looking nice. Discover how Teak Master can restore your wooden playset to keep it safe for your children to enjoy.

Playset Refinishing FAQs

Your children’s playset is a precious part of your home’s landscape, and you want to make sure it gets the care and attention that it needs. Let’s explore the answers to some important questions you may have about keeping your playset in prime condition.

What’s the best way to maintain a playset?

You can keep your playset in prime condition with monthly inspections, tightening loose screws and bolts, and replacing these parts as needed. In addition, it’s advisable to clean the surface with a soft brush, mild soap, and water to remove dirt, bird droppings, or signs of microbial growth. It’s also important to seal the wood of your playset every few years with a waterproof sealant. This will help protect the wood from ultraviolet rays, moisture, mold, and mildew. Contact Teak Master for routine maintenance visits as needed to thoroughly clean your playset.

How should I care for my playset in winter?

In Southern California, you may choose to keep your playset up year-round. However, if you want to winterize your outdoor space, you should remove detachable parts, such as swings, nets, and ladders, as well as any vinyl components, including canopies. Store these in a protected, dry place.

Why is it important to hire a professional for playset restoration?

Our professionals have experience working with a wide range of woods. We can easily identify the materials used in your playset and create a custom care and restoration plan. We also know how to handle all the parts and pieces that go into a playset, such as slides, basketball hoops, monkey bars, and swings. We have the tools, products, skills, and knowledge to deliver outstanding results on every restoration project.

What areas does Teak Master service?

Our mobile crew services playsets throughout Orange County and Southern California, including Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Irvine, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Palos Verdes.

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With more than 20 years of experience restoring, maintaining, and repairing wood furniture, Teak Master is the one to trust with your wood playset. If you have a wood playset in need of restoration, or if your outdoor equipment is looking worse for the wear, then we encourage you to reach out. Our mobile crew services all of Southern California and can help you with your refinishing and restoration needs. Contact us today to discover how we can bring joy into your children’s lives by giving them a safe and functional playset.

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