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Teak Furniture Cleaning

What Is Teak Cleaning?

Outdoor teak furniture is constantly bombarded by the effects of weathering and outside pollution. Outside contaminants such as dirt, bird droppings, and mold are not only unsightly to look at, but can also be unsafe to dine on. An effective way to rid your expensive and beloved furniture from nature’s toxins is by having professional cleaning performed. Teak cleaning involves applying gentle cleaning methods to restore the raw natural unfinished look of your furniture.

Our Process

Our cleaning process involves multiple methods of removing nature‘s contaminants and previous coatings from your outdoor furniture to give it a raw natural look. If your furniture has not been annually maintained, chances are it has weathered gray in color and may have other impurities such as black mold embedded on the wood’s surface. Our cleaning process for weathered furniture involves gently cleaning the wood by hand to remove these unwanted impurities. Specially designed brushes are used to fit between slats. Extra attention is given to using the correct coarseness and softness when cleaning. Using a brush that is too coarse may remove softer parts of the wood grain and using a brush that is too soft may not remove the toxins on the surface of the wood.

Teak cleaning sometimes involves removing failed coatings such as oil and varnish. Our cleaning process for removing failed coatings involves the use of acid based cleaners to dissolve and retard oils and varnishes. Coatings such as varnish may have multiple coats and therefore need to be chemically stripped. After the failed coatings have been dissolved, mild cleaning will complete the process. The wood will be clean and free of weathering and coatings. A fresh, raw, and unfinished appearance will be restored to the wood.

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Cleaning to Promote Gray Patina

A few furniture manufacturers suggest leaving your newly purchased furniture to gray naturally. An oxidized gray look can compliment an English Garden or a modern taupe color palette beautifully if cared for properly. Unfinished teak furniture will eventually gray over time. Teak wood’s natural oil will oxidize when exposed to sunlight leaving it gray in appearance. However, achieving a clean even oxidized or gray appearance by simply doing nothing to your furniture is a far fetched idea. If your furniture has been allowed to weather, chances are it has not done so cleanly and evenly. Our process of maintaining outdoor furniture tenderly cleans the woods surface to remove dirt and black mold. After the wood has been cleaned, it will be bleached to promote oxidizing and prevent mold. Annual cleaning maintenance will keep your gray oxidized furniture clean and even in color.

Maintenance Program

Over the course of a year nature’s toxins will eventually attack your teak furniture. Your furniture will need to be re-cleaned to keep it raw and in clean condition. Teak cleaning maintenance consists of applying the same procedure of gentle cleaning to remove impurities in the wood. Keeping up a yearly schedule to have your cleaned will eliminate the need for a major deep cleaning.

Areas of Service

Our cleaning services have been sought after from clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County. If your furniture is simply dirty and does not have a coating that needs to be removed, the work can be done on site at your home. If a failed coating needs to be removed complementary offsite service can be arranged to keep chemical removers off of your property.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of cleaning is ultimately determined by the level of cleaning needed. We can provide a free onsite evaluation of your furniture or we can take a look at your emailed photos to construct a cost-effective bid.
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