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Pergola Refinishing Service in Los Angeles, CA

What is Pergola Restoration?

Outdoor structures like pergolas will naturally experience a lot of wear and tear from the elements. You can’t maintain an attractive, functional pergola without regular care and maintenance. Over time, all outdoor structures and home restoration projects like this will require consistent effort to maintain their original beauty. A pergola restoration takes your structure back to its original state, making it look nearly as good as new, so you can continue to enjoy all the beneficial features of this outdoor construction.

What is Teak Master’s Process for Pergola Restoration?

Restoring pergolas can be challenging and dynamic. A few considerations to keep in mind are how tall the pergola is, will sanders fit in between the slats, and is there a vine or plant growing on it? No matter what the challenge is Teak Master is ready to address it.

Pergolas take a beating because they usually have a good amount of horizontal surfaces. Horizontal surfaces are notorious for baking in the sun and collecting dirt and dust. We start our process with a mild surface scrub. After the wood is completely dry, it is ready to be sanded. We sand all the surfaces of your pergola to remove remaining dirt and oxidation and to ensure the sealer penetrates correctly. If our sanders do not fit into the intricate and tight areas of your pergola, they will be sanded by hand. Our attention to detail is relentless. After the sanding is complete we brighten the wood to promote color and prevent mold and algae. The final step is applying the sealer. We always hand brush your pergola to ensure every inch of wood is covered.

The Benefits of a Beautiful Pergola

A well-maintained pergola will greatly enhance your landscape. It typically serves as the focal point of your outdoor space. Pergolas come in a wide range of styles, from minimalist structures to those that are elaborately designed with an abundance of decorative elements. This variety of options allows you to design a pergola that will enhance the overall architecture and style of your home.

Pergolas are functional installations that are intended to set off a specific area of your landscape. They may shelter a seating area for conversation, a hot tub where you unwind, or an outdoor dining space so you can eat al fresco in fine weather. The top of the pergola offers some protection from the elements but is typically left fairly open with wide slats so you can still get some sun, though it may be more dappled. You might also add trellises around the pergola for further privacy or protection.

A pergola can provide a convenient place to install outdoor lighting. Whether you string paper lanterns from the beams or install heavy-duty outdoor lighting in the corners, your pergola offers the structure you need to better light your landscaping for evening entertainment. Pergola beams are handy for hanging wind chimes, spinners, and other decorative elements as well. Climbing vines or flowers may take over portions of your pergola, turning them into a living masterpiece.

Pergola Restoration Service in Los Angeles, California

Our team at Teak Master offers a full range of pergola restoration services so we can custom design a program that will meet your needs and keep your home looking beautiful. If you don’t need a full restoration as outlined above, you can contact us to determine which of our offerings are best suited to your pergola’s current needs. Some of the options that we offer include:

New Pergola Sealing

After your new pergola is installed, it’s important to properly seal it so it will retain its appearance long into the future. Your contractor may not initially offer this service. A reliable wood preservative is important so you don’t need a full pergola restoration in the near future. We will work with you to find the perfect color to enhance your pergola as we seal it against future damage and wear.

Pergola Repair

Our skilled carpenters are equipped to provide a variety of pergola repairs. These structures include a lot of long flat surfaces that are sometimes susceptible to damage. We can repair slats and boards, provide smooth wood joinery, and inlay new pieces to fill dents or chips. We can also repair dry rot without replacing the entire pergola, so you can find a cost-effective spot solution for your needs.

Pergola Maintenance

You can avoid a major restoration project by having your pergola resealed annually. At Teak Master, we offer a helpful maintenance program by sending out yearly reminders when it’s time to schedule a new application of durable sealant. There’s no cost or obligation with this program, so you can choose to schedule your sealing at a time that works best for you.

As part of the resealing process, we thoroughly clean your wood to remove dirt and leave it looking like new. Once the wood has dried from the cleaning, we apply a fresh sealant to keep your pergola in beautiful shape for another year.

How to Restore a Pergola

Teak Master offers outstanding attention to detail for your pergola restoration project. We understand all the potential challenges of restoring a pergola and know how to overcome these with diligence and commitment to quality. As part of every restoration project we will:

  • Clean horizontal surfaces with a mild scrub. Pergolas collect dust, dirt, and debris over time, so our first step is to gently clean all the horizontal surfaces that make up your pergola.
  • Allow the wood to dry completely.
  • Sand all surfaces of the pergola. This removes stubborn dirt and oxidation. We will use a mechanical sander when possible, but carefully sand by hand when needed so we can reach even the smallest and most intricate areas.
  • Brighten the wood. This enhances the color and helps to prevent the growth of mold and algae.
  • Seal the wood. We hand brush sealant onto the wood to make sure it gets into even the smallest cracks and crevices of your pergola, so it’s fully protected to maintain its enhanced appearance as long as possible.

We offer custom rates for every restoration project that take into consideration the size, design, and condition of your pergola. We’ll come out and assess your pergola restoration needs in person so we can provide you with a detailed, economical quote that’s specific to your needs. Our pergola restoration services are a worthwhile investment because they’ll add to the beauty and value of your home for years to come.

How Much Does Pergola Restoration Cost?

Having your custom-built wood pergola look beautiful again is just a phone call away. The best way to quote a pergola restoration project is to see it in person. After we have seen the pergola we can formulate the best way to restore it. Our rates depend on the following factors, how intricate the design is, size, and level of restoration needed. Our pergola restoration projects are economical and are custom formulated for each client. Beautifying the pergola you love makes sense because it will add value to your home and make your investment last for years to come.

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Teak Master proudly services customers throughout the state of California, but mostly in Los Angeles and Orange County. We have over 20 years in the business, and we’ll happily assist with pergola restoration, maintenance, and repair projects anywhere in this service area.

If you’re thinking about a pergola restoration, contact our team at Teak Master for more information.

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