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Wood Deck Services in Los Angeles, CA

Quality deck restoration is what we have specialized in for almost 20 years for all of Southern California. We are experts in understanding the unique weathering characteristics and specific needs of all wood types used such as Ipe, Teak, Mangaris, Camaru, Redwood, and all other woods. If you are looking to restore, protect, or maintain your newly restored deck you have come to the right place.

Decks are an extension of your living space and you want them to look as fresh and beautiful as your home. Southern California has long months of sunshine that can take a toll on your decking. In addition, during the rainy months, rainwater can seep into cracks and compromise the integrity of your wood deck, even hardwoods such as teak, ironwood, mangaris, and redwood.

Your wood deck is a large investment and you want to restore, protect, and maintain it so it will continue to bring added beauty to your home. Our team at Teak Master has extensive knowledge, training, and the proper tools to make your deck look as beautiful as the day it was built.

Deck Restoration

Restoration simply means applying proven old world craftsman techniques to transform your beautiful and valuable wood deck back to pristine condition. Restoration of a wood deck that has weathered gray or has mold and fungus growth requires a combination of cleaning, sanding, brightening, and sealing.   Read More »


Ipe is one of the most beautiful and durable woods used today. Our company understands the weathering characteristics and the challenges that come along with owning an Ipe deck. If you have noticed unwanted changes, we can restore it to new condition and maintain it trouble free for its entire life.   Read More »


Bet you didn’t know Mangaris is actually a brand name and not a wood species. It is also sold under other names such as Kayu Batu and Red Balau. The actual species name is called Shorea or Balau. Read More »


Redwood has been used for decades because of its beauty and durability. However, Redwood is susceptible to a wide range of damaging effects due to weather. We have restored several hundred Redwood decks over the course of 16 years throughout Southern California.   Read More »


A teak deck can take a beating when it has not been properly cared for. Teak is one of the most resilient woods on earth and can always be brought back to its original look. We are experts in reversing the damages caused by nature’s harsh effects.   Read More »


Mahogany decks are rare but not uncommon. Many years of hands-on experience are the only way to recognize and address the needs of this rare and exotic hardwood. We have restored close to 50 Mahogany decks over the course of almost 20 years. We are Southern California’s foremost experts in Mahogany wood care.   Read More »


Cedar is one of the most beautiful and resilient woods. Many of the types of cedar used are from right here in the United States. Maintaining a cedar deck can present many types of challenges. Our years of experience and understanding the weathering characteristics of this durable wood are why we are experts in restoring, protecting, and maintaining cedar decks throughout Southern California.   Read More »


Thermory is a steam-treated wood that is doing just that, gaining steam. It has been gaining popularity for its beautiful natural color and is resistant to rot and wood-boring insects. We are experts in Thermory refinishing and care and also keeping it maintained and amazing to look at.   Read More »

Wood Deck Refinishing and Restoration

Decks need refinishing for a variety of reasons, including lack of regular professional maintenance and misuse such as dragging items like furniture across the wood. At some point, you’ll want to have your wood deck professionally restored or refinished to bring it back to its original beauty. When you use our services at Teak Master, we use our time-tested method of “clean, sand, brighten, and seal” processes to restore your deck. We use the following steps to refinish and restore your deck to make it look beautiful, lustrous, and new: 

  • Rust-Oleum Deck Restore and removing the old coatings: If the wood deck has lots mold, algae, dirt build-up, or grime, our team will use Rust-Oleum Deck Restore to start the refinishing process.  Rust-Oleum Deck Restore effectively removes dirt and grime to help expose the wood for the next steps towards deck refinishing. 
  • Exposing the raw wood for the sealant:  The next step our team takes is to sand the wood to remove any old sealants, penetrating oils, or coatings. We make sure to sand all surfaces using orbital sanders for large, open areas, and good old-fashioned hand sanding for hard-to-reach areas or for intricate areas. By exposing the wood, it can easily absorb the new protective sealant that we’ll apply to help protect the deck from the sun’s UV rays, dirt, and other contaminants.
  • Cleaning the wood after sealing: Once we’ve thoroughly sanded all parts of the wood deck, we need to clean the wood once again to remove the residue left from the sanding process. We use a wood brightener product to remove any dust or bits of sand left on the wood. The wood brightener also helps to prevent the growth of black mold or mildew. 
  • Add penetrating sealant oils: Once the wood is clean and sanded, we apply high-grade oil-based penetrating sealers to protect the wood from salt, sun, moistures, and to help prevent dirt and pollen from building up on the wood. Not only do penetrating oils help to protect the wood, but sealant also helps to enhance the natural grain of the wood. 

Once our professionals at Teak Masters have fully refinished or restored your wood deck to its original luster, you’ll want to finish the elegant look with high-quality deck furniture that can hold up to California weather. You can use furniture made from teak, mahogany, or other hardwoods that are weather-resistant to add sophistication and comfort to your deck. From poolside loungers to flexible sectional pieces, we have lots of ideas on how to elevate your wood deck.

Protecting Your New Wood Deck

Now that you’ve added a stunning new wood deck to your home, it’s important to protect the raw wood as soon as possible. Lumber from the mill often has imperfections, mill glazing, and marks that need removing before an oil-based sealant is applied. Our professional team at Teak Masters will come to your home and go through the necessary steps to protect your new deck.

These steps include:

  • Cleaning: We use a mild wood cleaner to help remove any film, glazing, mold, or grime that is on the wood. The cleaner the wood, the easier it is for us to sand and smooth so the wood can readily absorb the protective coating.
  • Sanding: Next, we use various grades of sandpaper specific to the wood type to remove any last contaminants and to expose the raw wood so it can effectively absorb the sealant.
  • Protective Coating: We look at the type of wood your deck is made from, redwood, cedar, teak, mahogany, ironwood, or mangaris, and use a protective coating made specifically for the density of the particular wood. The best way to ensure that the protective coating gets into all of the grain and between each board is to apply the sealant by hand. We can visually see that the coating is absorbed correctly and thoroughly in a consistent pattern. Every inch of your new wood deck will have the right amount of protective coating to make it last for years.

Professional Deck Maintenance in Los Angeles

Whether you live in the arid sections of Southern California with numerous days of sunshine, by the ocean where your deck gets exposed to salt spray, or in the mountains where the deck gets piles of snow, help protect your deck with regular maintenance. Our team at Teak Masters goes through the following steps when performing deck maintenance:

  • Visual inspection: We look at every angle of the deck to see what type of damage there is and to verify the type of wood used in the construction of the deck.
  • Clean the surface: We’ll mop or pressure wash the deck to remove dirt and contaminants.
  • Sand the surface: Once we have a clean surface, we’ll lightly sand areas that have stains or scratches to create a smooth finish.
  • Apply a protective sealant: We use special oils designed for the specific wood that your deck is made with to prevent aging from the sun’s UV rays and to help prevent the growth of mold and algae.

Keep your deck looking its best with regular professional maintenance and wood refinishing and restoration from our team at Teak Masters. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Teak Master today to schedule an appointment so we can make your deck look like new.

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