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7 Great Deck Furniture Ideas

Your deck offers an unparalleled range of opportunities for entertaining. It’s important to make sure that this place is comfortable and well-arranged. Whether you want to set up your space for poolside lounging, comfortable conversation, afternoon reading, or dining under the stars, the right deck furniture will make a big difference. Try these ideas as you’re outfitting your space and find some of the best ways to arrange deck furniture.

Poolside Loungers

If you have a pool in your backyard, a series of loungers is a great choice for deck furniture. Pair them up with handy end tables between the chairs so there’s always a convenient place to set a drink or a bottle of sunscreen. In this arrangement, you can easily place two chairs with a shared umbrella as well. If you want to get some sun while still enjoying the sleek architecture of an awning, a pergola is a great compromise that looks stunning over a series of lounge chairs.

Classic Sofa and Chairs

The most traditional arrangement for deck furniture is a sofa with one or two chairs. There’s typically a low coffee table in the middle and one or more end tables between the sofa and chairs. An L-shaped arrangement works well when you want this seating area to allow for conversation while still pointing some of your guests out toward the yard where they can enjoy other landscaping features like a garden or fountain.

This arrangement works in nearly any situation. Consider placing curtains or trellises behind the sofa for a striking backdrop and added privacy in this cozy conversation space.

Circle of Chairs

A circle of chairs is a great feature if you have an outdoor fire pit. With a series of individual chairs, you can more easily adjust each person’s placement. Guests can pull their chairs closer to the fire for more warmth or to easily roast marshmallows or hot dogs. If the smoke begins to blow in a particular direction or it gets too warm, people can move back individually without having to rearrange large pieces of furniture.

Choose a number of chairs appropriate to the size of the fire pit. You generally want a convenient walkway all the way around the fire pit so people can safely move from one part of the fire pit area to another with no risk of getting too close to the flames.

Spacious Corner Sofa

A corner sofa is ideal when you have a deck space nestled in a corner between two walls or between your home and a stretch of fencing. This type of seating will make the most of your space while providing a comfortable area for conversation. A corner sofa is also a diverse piece that allows for lounging as well as sitting. While chairs are somewhat limited in their use, a comfortable outdoor sofa offers a great place for an afternoon nap or a few hours of reclining with a good book.

Pair your corner sofa with a few individual chairs to add more flexibility to this space and encourage conversation among a larger group of people. You might also place a corner sofa unobtrusively behind an outdoor dining area to enhance the versatility of the space.

Flexible Sectionals

Sectionals are a great choice for a multipurpose outdoor space that’s always changing. Choose pieces that let you rearrange them easily so you can alter your seating to suit your needs on any given day. Line up the sectional pieces to create a long lounging area when you want a lazy afternoon on the porch by yourself. Break the sectional apart into a series of individual seats for a party with a lot of people who may enjoy their own chairs. 

Pair pieces together to create cozy benches for an outdoor movie, or even square up your pieces with a table in the center for an intimate gathering or a sleepover atmosphere for the kids. Sectionals let you do it all and make the ideal option if you like to entertain and host a variety of gatherings with different needs. 

A Corner Chaise

A chaise is the ultimate luxury when you want to lounge in the sun. Adding a chaise to nearly any seating arrangement instantly adds a sense of sophistication. This is where you can recline when you haven’t a care in the world and are prepared to let all your worries drift away. Oversize sunglasses and a delicious drink are essential with this piece.

As you’re assessing your deck area, look for underutilized corners around the edges of your other seating arrangements. These are perfect for tucking away a chaise so you can relax near the action while sitting a bit apart and unwinding.

Outdoor Dining Areas

A spacious deck is perfect for dining outside on comfortable days. If you have the room, an outdoor dining area is a feature that can get a lot of use. You can gather around the table for meals, card games, crafts, or conversation. If you have the ability to include an outdoor kitchen nearby, you can create a truly luxurious space for entertaining. Otherwise, a grill and well-placed sideboard for serving plates will do just fine.

Adding some kind of coverage over your dining space is ideal to keep sun and rain away from your plates. This might come in the form of an umbrella or a more permanent structure. Make sure your outdoor dining space is large enough for the typical gathering that you might have. Even if you only have basic picnic tables, your dining space will feel warm and welcoming provided that there’s ample seating and no one has to find another chair and balance a plate on their knees.

No matter how you set up your deck, regular care and maintenance are a must. Make sure your deck always offers an inviting space to gather with friends and family by keeping up with routine cleanings and restoration. At Teak Master, we’re experts in refinishing and maintaining outdoor wood. Our deck restoration services will leave your area looking like new. Give us a call to learn more.

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