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Why Choose Teak Master?

Teak Master specializes in quality deck restoration and has for almost 20 years. We proudly serve all of Southern California and understand the unique needs that woods in this area require, including teak, ipe, cumaru, Mangaris, redwood, and all other types of wood. If you want to maintain, protect, or restore your deck, you’ve come to the right place. 

Your deck is a significant investment and an extension of your living space, and we know that you want it to continue to look as fresh and beautiful as possible. The Southern California sunshine and rain can compromise the integrity of your deck if left untreated. Our team at Teak Master has the training, tools, and extensive knowledge necessary to restore, protect, and maintain your wood deck. 

Our Company

Tim Gilliam - Expert in Teak Restoration and Refinishing - Teakmaster

Our company began in 1997 when I recognized a need for professional teak furniture care and restoration. I managed a well-known, high-end outdoor furniture store in Pasadena California in the mid-nineties, which sold tons of teak patio furniture. Our clients would naturally ask about the care and maintenance involved in preserving the beautiful blonde color of their new teak furniture. “Just rub a little teak oil on and everything should be good” was what the staff and I recommended to hundreds of our clients without giving any real thought to if it was the best way to preserve their teak furniture.  Eventually, we began to frequently field a diverse array of technical questions regarding the proper way to protect and restore outdoor teak furniture.

Our History

I began to research teak furniture care with no definitive answers and decided toWhite Teak Master trucks in front of our Pasadena, CA warehouse ask my father for advice. My father’s wood restoration experience came from owning and operating a home painting service for 25 years. I have fond memories working side by side with him, from a very young age and into my teens, painting and restoring garage doors, front doors, shingles, and wood decks. I told him about the requests and concerns our clients were having regarding their valuable teak furniture. My father related coating and restoring outdoor teak furniture to the wood decks he had restored over the years. He recommended sealing teak furniture when it was new to preserve its natural color and sanding to restore weathered furniture. I asked my father if he would field a few questions from some of our clients regarding their teak furniture and he delightfully answered, yes.

Before we knew it, my father had two appointments for teak furniture restoration projects. Two jobs led into 3 and 4 and the word had gotten out that there was a professional teak furniture refinishing service in Los Angeles. Word spread like wildfire and teak furniture reps, designers, furniture stores, and contractors began referring to my father as the foremost aficionado in care of outdoor teak furniture. My father’s company began to grow by leaps and bounds with teak furniture restoration eventually overshadowing his home painting service.

I decided to join my father and protect and restore outdoor teak furniture full time. Our company received its name when we witnessed a salesman at a local patio store hand out my father’s business card and told his client to, “Call Tim. He’s the Teak Master”. We both looked at each other new that was the perfect name for our business. My dad, Timothy Floyd Gilliam, was officially known as the Teak Master. My father and I began fine-tuning the best restoration techniques and narrowed down the finest protective coatings for outdoor teak furniture. Our teak refinishing service eventually began to transition into exterior wood care. We began receiving requests to restore wood decks; siding, pergolas, kids playsets, garage doors, and entire homes. Teak Master is one of the only licensed companies in the United States dedicated to the fine art of exterior wood care and maintenance. Our unrelenting commitment to exceeding expectations is why our company has been sought after by clients around the United States.

Thank you,

Tim J. Gilliam

Teak Master Services

At Teak Master, we specialize in several exterior and wood decking services. We offer a full range of wood refinishing and teak services for residential and commercial clients. Our services include:

Teak Restoration

Our multi-step process removes accumulated dirt, signs of aging, and discoloration from your teak wood. It brings out the coloring that makes this wood so unique, and we will use our specially designed sealants to preserve it. Whether it’s teak decking or furniture, our restoration services are performed by our experts who use only the finest products and specialized tools.

Deck Restoration

Wood deck refinishing and restoration helps bring the distinctive look of your outdoor living room back to life. Whether it’s teak, ipe, redwood, cumaru, tigerwood, mahogany, or cedar, our team understands the special requirements of each type of wood.

New Wood Protection

New wood should be coated around two to three weeks after installation. This coating helps to protect against the effects of weathering, which will begin immediately on unprotected surfaces in Southern California.

Deck Maintenance

Periodic cleaning and re-coating of wood surfaces are vital to protect them from damage. Deck maintenance begins with cleaning the surface, light spot sanding, wood brightener, and a coating to protect the wood.

We also perform maintenance and restoration of the following:

  • Front doors.
  • Garage doors.
  • Pergolas and gazebos.
  • Plat sets.
  • Wood fencing.
  • Wood siding.

With the proper care, your teak furniture and decking can last decades. The team of experts at Teak Master is here to provide you with the services you need at affordable prices. We work hard to get your projects completed quickly.

Contact Teak Master Exterior Wood Finishing Specialists Today

If you need any of our restoration or refinishing services, contact Teak Master exterior wood finishing specialists today. You can reach out online via email or call us at 888-972-9568 to speak with one of our specialists. We’re available seven days a week to better provide you with the times and services you need. We have been serving the Southern California community for their commercial and residential exterior wood refinishing needs since 1997. We offer two convenient locations and a satellite office to quickly address your teak restoration needs.

Licensed and Awarded

The state of California contractors state license for Teak Master Inc.


Tim Gilliam
Tim Gilliam

I am as passionate about the services our company provides as the day I started as Teak Masters' only employee in 1997. For 2 decades I have been obsessed with continuing to developing state of the art refinishing techniques and application of the finest cutting edge wood coatings modern science can create. I have training certifications and have been hired as a consultant for esteemed companies such as Benjamin Moore, Arborcoat, Messmers, Dewalt, Porter Cable, TWP, Sikkens, Tropitone, and Brown Jordan.