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Red Balau Deck Restoration

Red Balau is a beautiful hardwood imported from Indonesia and is often called the Mahogany of this region. It’s sold under various names, depending on where you bought it. Some common names are Nova Batu, Lightning Brand Mahogany, ExoDek Mahogany, and Mangaris. If your deck has any of these wood types, you have a Red Balau deck. Wood type is essential to know if you intend to restore it and want to know the proper steps to take to preserve its striking color and impressive durability.

Red Balau is often used for deck restoration projects, as it has a natural density that makes the material nearly waterproof and extends its overall expectancy. It’s also known for its reddish color and even texture, often making it a visually appealing choice for many individuals. Read below for some tips on how to restore a deck made of Red Balau hardwood.

Completed Red Balau Deck Restoration

decadent new deck” licensed under CC By 2.0 by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

The first step of restoring your Red Balau deck is to remove furniture and any debris from the area so you can access the entire surface. Examples of debris can include fallen leaves, sticks, or dirt. Start by moving any patio furniture to a safe storage location. Then, take a broom and sweep away any dirt or visible debris from the deck. Cleaning the deck also ensures you can apply a protective finish evenly after completing your Red Balau deck restoration project.

Power Wash Your Deck

Power washing is the application of hot water at high pressure to remove stuck-on dirt and debris from a surface. It can allow you to get an even cleaner surface before beginning the refurbishing process, as it may be more effective than sweeping and scrubbing the surface of your deck. For example, it can even remove old and peeling paint coats.

You may need to rent a power washing machine to get this level of cleanliness, but it can improve the final product of your restoration. Many hardware stores allow you to rent power washers, so consider researching rental options in the Orange County wider area if you don’t have one in your arsenal.

Touch Sand the Deck’s Surface

Depending on the state of your deck, you may want to touch sand the surface. Sanding the Red Balau removes any finishes that have been applied to the wood to bring it back to its original unfinished color. It can also help you add an even coat of new finish during the refurbishing process.

If you sand the deck too much, however, you can impact the integrity of the planks—so be sure to use a low, 80 grit paper. After sanding the deck, remove dust again with a broom to ensure you don’t catch any debris when applying the protective coating. Like a power washer, you can often rent a touch sanding tool from a local hardware store.

Apply a Protective Coating

After preparing your deck for refurbishing, it’s time to coat the deck with a new weatherizing product. It’s crucial to determine a finish that’s most compatible with Red Balau hardwood, so you add a suitable protective layer and don’t accidentally damage the material. Consider using a protective oil-based coating for this type of wood. An oil-based coat can last longer and is easier to maintain. It also complements the wood’s lovely color. There are also water-based and film-forming finishes, but these may look unnatural on Red Balau.

The next step is to determine what level of waterproofing you need in your finish. Red Balau is hard and resilient, but having additional waterproofing can ensure your deck lasts longer, especially if you live in a damp environment. You may want a penetrating oil finish, which reaches deeper into the grain of the wood, to provide even more substantial waterproofing. This type of finish also protects the striking color of the Red Balau and preserves it from rot. However, if you live in a dry or desert-like environment, you may not need heavy waterproofing.

Once you know what type of finish you need, you can compare prices and providers. Consider reaching out to a local hardware store to find out what types of finishes they carry and what deals they offer on the right finishes for your Red Balau hardwood. 

Follow the directions closely when applying your finish because the application can impact the finished product. Too much oil won’t soak into the wood, for example, and may show footprints or additional indentations after application. To prevent this, you can roll it on in light coats, then roll on an oil-based penetrating finish within two to three minutes to avoid wasting product.

Provide Regular Maintenance

Over time, any finish you choose eventually wears down, requiring you to refurbish the deck regularly. Maintenance can extend the life of your deck and keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Regular maintenance can also prevent more extensive refurbishing, like replacing planks or removing square footage from your deck. You can maintain your deck easily by establishing a strict timetable for mini restorations. It’s helpful to base this schedule on weather conditions. For example, decks exposed to more indirect heat may need more frequent maintenance, as heat can cause wear and tear more quickly.

Luckily, Teak Master provides quality restoration services for Red Balau decks in the Orange Country area. We’ve combated the California Sun for over 20 years to protect and maintain your beautiful and elegant Red Balau decks, so our staff has expertise in selecting and applying the right finish. We can also help you establish a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your desk is always looking its best.

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