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What’s the Best Wood for Building a Pergola?

Creating a beautiful backyard oasis is every homeowner’s dream. One of the most popular options people turn to is a pergola. A pergola has no roof; instead, it has rafters held up by posts. Pergolas provide an eye-pleasing accent structure to… Read More ►

Should I Get Covers for My Outdoor Teak Furniture?

Your patio’s the ideal place for hosting lively barbecues and enjoying peaceful days under the sun with loved ones. Teak furniture is a stylish addition to your outdoor living space and is renowned for its natural beauty and resilience. However,… Read More ►

Where to Find Your Next Pet in Orange County, CA

Finding the perfect pet to add to your family can be a beautiful journey. If you’re in Orange County, CA, there’s no shortage of warm-hearted organizations dedicated to rehoming animals in need. Dive in as we explore some of the… Read More ►

Should I Refinish or Replace My Wooden Front Door?

Your home’s front door is not just an entryway. It introduces guests to your space, adds to the visual appeal of your home, and keeps you safe. However, time can wear down even the sturdiest of wooden doors. As the… Read More ►

How to Stain a Deck for the First Time: Our Step-by-Step Guide

Staining your deck is an essential part of maintaining its health and beauty. While the process might seem daunting to a beginner, with the right tools and instructions, staining a deck can be a rewarding DIY project. Here’s a step-by-step… Read More ►

Teak Oil vs Teak Sealer: Pros and Cons

When it comes to maintaining the beauty and longevity of your teak furniture or deck, it’s important to know the difference between teak oil and teak sealer. Both products have their pros and cons, and understanding their unique attributes can… Read More ►

Tips for Protecting Your Deck From the Summer Heat

The summer sun may make you want to get outdoors and soak up the rays on your deck. You probably protect yourself from sun damage with sunscreen and a hat, but what about your deck? These tips can help you… Read More ►

Outdoor Living Space Trends to Watch Out for This Summer

Warm summer weather encourages people to step outside and make memories. Whether you enjoy big family cookouts or drinks on the patio with friends, you’ll need outdoor spaces that can support your lifestyle. If your outdoor living spaces need a… Read More ►

Best Plant Based Restaurants in Orange County

Plant-based food is appealing to many people who’re interested in healthy eating and a more sustainable form of food production. Orange County, California, has many great vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes that serve delicious, vibrant food from a diverse… Read More ►

Teak Oil vs Danish Oil: Which is Better?

High-quality oils can protect and enhance wooden furniture, fencing, floors, and decking. Teak oil and Danish oil are two of the most popular wood oils that you can use on wooden furniture and fixtures both indoors and outside, with similar… Read More ►

How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Outdoor wood furniture can be a beautiful addition to your deck, porch, balcony, or backyard, but it also needs some care to withstand the elements. It can fade from the sun and be affected by rain and moisture. Luckily, you… Read More ►

Best Outdoor Wood Sealers

Outdoor wood surfaces need protection from weather extremes. You can restore faded surfaces, treat new wood, or add a splash of color. Using the best surface coatings as part of a maintenance schedule will help save you money in the… Read More ►

Best Camping Spots Near Los Angeles, CA

Being in the outdoors can help you reconnect with nature and get you in a better frame of mind. Fresh air is good for the soul. Although it can feel like Los Angeles is just one big city, there are… Read More ►

Tips and Tricks for Refinishing Your Wooden Front Door

Wooden front doors need regular maintenance to preserve their beauty and prevent damage, such as cracking. They can take a beating from hot, cold, wet, and dry weather. You can take steps to maintain your home’s doors yourself, but some… Read More ►

Tips for Restoring a Painted Wood Deck

If your home has a wooden deck attached, consider renovating it before the summer months set in. As the weather warms up, you might feel like spending more time on your deck. If you have a painted deck, now could… Read More ►