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Best Coffee Spots to Visit Near Glendale, CA

Whether you crave a good cup of coffee when you get up in the morning or like a sweet coffee drink in the afternoon to keep you going, you have plenty of options in and around the Glendale area. From local roasters to quaint cafes and brew bars, here are some of the best coffee spots to visit near Glendale. 

Regent Coffee

Cup of Coffee in Glendale, CA

Coffee by Cheryl Foong is licensed by CC BY 2.0

Regent Coffee is the work of a former investment banker named Leon. He decided to leave his corporate life to open Regent Coffee so he could spend more time with his family. The art of coffee roasting is one of Leon’s passions, which is why you can find new and unique blends at this coffee shop. The bourbon barrel-aged coffee has a distinctive flavor, as the American oak barrels give this coffee whiskey-flavored undertones.

Stop by Regent Coffee for a pour-over, latte, or espresso. The cafe has a modern and chic ambiance, and you can enjoy its comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. The menu offers cappuccino, cortado, Americano, regular cold brew, and Kyoto cold brew. Add one of the house-made syrups to your coffee drink for extra flavor. It offers vanilla, rose, lavender, and osmanthus.

Ideology Coffee

Ideology Coffee offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere and delicious coffee. Staff members are friendly and happy to discuss the menu with you or offer helpful suggestions. There’s plenty of indoor seating, where you can sit and relax, and many outlets if you need to plug in your laptop or charge your phone.

The menu has all your coffee favorites, from regular drip coffee to espresso and Americano. You can also get a cortado, cappuccino, or latte. The Raf Coffee is a great choice. This comes with a double shot of espresso, half and half, and vanilla, all steamed with a bit of cinnamon. The Espresso Tonic—a double shot of espresso in Schweppes tonic water—is a refreshing treat on a warm day. Ideology’s menu also has some specialty drinks. The Chagaccino comes with a blend of Chaga, cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, milk, monk fruit, and a double shot of espresso.

Little Ground Cafe

Little Ground Cafe brings together delicious coffee, freshly baked goods, and unique items for breakfast and lunch. The well-trained and friendly staff uses a state-of-the-art La Marzocco espresso machine that makes perfect coffee every time. This cafe caters to people on the go, but there is comfortable outdoor seating if you want to sit down and have breakfast or lunch.

Make Little Ground Coffee a stop on your coffee run and grab a brewed coffee or espresso. You can also get a macchiato, a latte, or a cappuccino to give you a boost to get you through the day.

La Goccia Espresso Bar

La Goccia has been serving the Glendale area since 1994. The service is always excellent, and the food and coffee are delicious. Make sure to try the caramel macchiato, which has the perfect sweetness. If you prefer espresso, La Goccia has some of the best espresso drinks. Even coffee drinkers who usually add sugar to their espresso love the taste and drink it straight up.

The cold brew on tap is refreshing on a warm day, or you can get a regular iced coffee. The Cafe Olé is also a good choice. This is created with half brewed coffee and half steamed milk. Like a bit of sweetness in your coffee? Then you should try the iced coffee with vanilla bean.

La Goccia Espresso Bar has indoor seating with Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets. It does get busy, as it’s a popular spot.

Constellation Coffee

Constellation Coffee is a specialty cafe that serves artisanal coffee. This hidden gem sits in a shopping mall and is an excellent spot for coffee, tea, and baked goods from Cake Monkey. The cafe is bright and welcoming, and there’s plenty of parking available.

The menu has all the coffee items you could want on a coffee run, from drip coffee to cold brew and pour-over. If espresso is your caffeine of choice, you can get a straight espresso or choose an Americano, macchiato, or cortado. The rose vanilla latte is a top choice for many customers, and if you’re up for a treat, the affogato will hit the spot. This is an espresso served over a double scoop of ice cream.

Highlight Coffee

You can’t beat the lattes from Highlight Coffee. The orange vanilla has just the right amount of sweetness from the vanilla and bite from the orange flavor. You can get these iced or hot. Highlight also has a fantastic cappuccino, and the cortado is rich, smooth, and strong. The coffee lemonade, also known as Nathan Palmer, is a fun and refreshing choice on a warm day with a good amount of lemon flavor.

Other specialty drinks at Highlight include the pineapple-lime espresso, which comprises pineapple, fresh lime, espresso, tonic water, and the espresso-pom tonic. This comes with house-made grenadine, espresso, and tonic water.

The Palm Coffee Bar

 The Palm Coffee Bar has a vacation vibe and serves specialty coffee and yummy baked goods from Sugarbloom Bakery. It offers indoor and outdoor seating, a welcoming environment, and friendly staff.

Some of the most popular drinks are hot and iced lattes, cold brew, and cappuccino. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch is always a hit. This drink comes with espresso, oat milk, caramel, and cinnamon. If you need coffee for a crowd, the cold brew coffee box has 96 ounces of coffee and comes with cups, lids, sugar, other sweeteners, and stir sticks.

At Teak Master, we love coffee, and when we need a caffeine fix, we like to stop by one of these coffee shops in the Glendale area. If you have a favorite we missed on this list, call and tell us about it so we can go check it out.

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