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Can Teak Furniture Be Left Outside in the Winter?

Teak furniture is famous for its high quality and longevity. If you invested in a teak patio set in the warmer months, you might wonder how you can prepare it for dropping temperatures. Keep reading to check out our guide for maintaining your teak furniture this winter.

Can You Leave Teak Furniture Outside in the Winter?

Teak is the most durable wood money can buy, and the investment pays off when the temperatures drop. You can leave your teak furniture outdoors in the winter, and it won’t accrue damage from the cold. Teak’s natural oils are moisture-resistant, meaning precipitation, such as rain, frost, and sleet, doesn’t affect it. Some woods warp, crack, or discolor in inclement weather, but teak is resilient against the elements.

Three components in teak contribute to its durability in harsh weather:

  • Tectoquinone: This natural compound prevents unwelcome visitors, such as fungi and insects, from attacking your teak products.
  • Rubber: Rubber acts as a protective barrier against precipitation, soaking up moisture and lubricating the wood.
  • Silica: The silica in teak wood gives it additional longevity and sturdiness.

These properties, along with teak wood’s strength and quality, make it winter friendly. And weather-resistant patio furniture makes it easier to take advantage of the mild winters Southern California promises. To use teak furniture in the winter, clear off any residue and dry it off. The high amount of silica in teak makes it skid-free and non-slip, making it a safer choice for areas that experience heavy rain and snow. No matter how wet your patio gets, your family can continue using your teak furniture without fear of it moving under you.

How To Clean Teak Furniture in the Winter

Teak is also relatively low maintenance, so you don’t have to do much upkeep during winter. That said, a little care can be beneficial. You should probably clean it regularly, as it can get dirty from grime and precipitation, especially after heavy rain or frost. If you leave debris or pools of dirty liquid sitting there too long, it could sink in and leave a stain.

Start by wiping down your furniture with plain water and a soft towel, going with the grain. But if you have some tough dirt and want to give it a slightly more intense treatment, you can clean wintry debris from your teak furniture using soap and water. The first thing you should do is take it to a shady area. An umbrella, overhang, or even your home’s shadow can provide protection. Direct sunlight can dry out your cleaner, and it’s vital that the wood properly soaks it in.

Next, test your solution on a small, unseen corner of your furniture to ensure it doesn’t cause an unexpected reaction. Try applying some to the bottom of the seat, for example. If it reacts well, coat the furniture in your soapy solution. You can then rub it in with a soft bristle brush, applying gentle strokes. Then, let it dry in the shade, and you’re done.

You can schedule a cleaning service if you’d rather let a professional handle your winter teak cleaning. Teak experts know how to select the right cleaning agents for your unique furniture and help you maintain it to your preferences. For example, suppose you want your teak furniture to retain its warm natural color as long as possible. In that case, wood professionals know how to clean it accordingly to protect it from weathering.

Ways To Protect Your Teak Furniture in the Winter

Although your teak furniture is safe outdoors during the colder months, you may want to implement a few additional solutions to give it extra protection. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep your teak looking strong, fresh, and rich in color. After all, teak wood’s soft, natural color is one of its most appealing qualities for many owners.

To begin, you could cover your furniture when the weather starts changing. This saves you the hassle of wiping it down or cleaning it often, especially after rainy days. However, cleaning covered teak furniture occasionally is essential to slow the weathering process. Opt for a cover with breathable material. By allowing air to escape, you reduce the chances of trapping humidity on the wood’s surface, which can cause cracking or bowing.

You could also move your teak furniture to a safe storage location during the winter. While it’s not strictly necessary because of the teak’s weather-resistant qualities, it might grant you extra peace of mind. Plus, you can celebrate spring’s arrival in a few months by returning the furniture to your patio. However, if you put your teak furniture in storage, choose somewhere with a mild climate. Hot, humid environments can warp your furniture.

You might even move your patio furniture indoors. Chic and classic teak items, such as chairs, tables, and sofas, often fit right into indoor environments. You could also move them to a transitional space, such as a garage or shed, to offer you a comfortable place to sit during colder months.

Restoring Teak After a Long Winter

Even in sunny Southern California, it’s clear when the sun returns in the spring. After months of chilly mornings and gray skies, you might want to freshen up your patio furniture at winter’s end. Scheduling a teak restoration service can prepare your teak products for outdoor gatherings with family and friends to celebrate the return of spring and summer. Teak restoration typically includes:

  • Cleaning.
  • Sanding.
  • Brightening.
  • Protective coating.

These steps clean debris and mold that may accumulate over the winter. They also treat oxidization and introduce fresh, new layers of unweathered wood. Over time, teak weathers and changes slowly from its warm natural hue to a cool gray shade. Many people prefer teak’s soft natural shade, and removing oxidization helps your teak furniture retain its original beauty. Finally, restoration protects your furniture from future damage and oxidization, preparing it to withstand another year of outdoor fun with family and friends.

After investing in a beautiful patio set, you probably want to extend its life by caring for it and cleaning it according to its needs. Even in a mild climate, such as you might enjoy in Los Angeles or Orange County, educating yourself on proper wood maintenance during winter is essential. If you need a professional’s opinion on how to best treat and protect your wood furniture, contact us at Teak Master.

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