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Important Information About Redwood

Many types of wood exist in nature, and each type has its own unique appearance and advantages. One option that is frequently used in construction is redwood, a beautiful, natural wood that has a long list of benefits. Learn more about redwood and its many advantages, as well as why it’s a good fit for decks and other outdoor construction projects.

What Is Redwood?

Redwood is the wood that comes from the redwood tree, which grows exclusively on the northern and central Pacific coast of the United States. They’re found in central and northern California and southern Oregon. These trees are some of the tallest in the world, reaching hundreds of feet into the air. Other plants and trees can grow and thrive on the trunks and branches of redwood trees. The redwood tree can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, keeping it within its trunk and releasing oxygen into the air. Carbon absorbed by the tree remains in the trunk, even when harvested.

Various factors make redwood an ideal substance for construction and manufacturing. It’s extremely stable and its pores contain a natural chemical that makes it resistant to rotting, moisture, and wood-boring insects. When exposed to the elements, redwood will last much longer than other types of wood, which is why it’s often used for outdoor projects. Redwood is also naturally beautiful, enhancing the appearance of any structure which uses this type of material.

Environmentally conscious property owners and builders can feel good about using redwood for their projects, as it’s classified as a green building material when properly harvested. The California Redwood Association reports that the growing and harvesting of redwoods aligns with the highest global environmental standards. Approximately 90% of the redwood forests used to produce lumber have received certification as environmentally sound building material sources by two of the top organizations in the country.

Redwood Decking

One common application of redwood in the construction industry is decking. Many property owners have decks or designated outdoor spaces that they use for a variety of purposes. Adding a redwood deck to a residential structure can increase its property value and make it more appealing to those who live there. The natural stability and strength of this type of wood make it a top choice for deck construction, and its deep red hue is especially appealing.

Since redwood holds up well, even when exposed to moisture and other natural elements, a deck made from this type of wood can last for a lifetime. Property owners don’t have to worry about replacing their deck because of rot or insect infestations, as the wood is typically not susceptible to these concerns. Redwood is more expensive than other materials, but using this wood as the foundation of your deck is worthwhile because of the value it can add.

Other Redwood Uses

In addition to deck construction, there are others uses and applications for redwood. Furniture makers often make pieces from redwood, particularly items for outdoor use. 

Patio and deck furniture made from redwood is naturally beautiful and incredibly durable. Buyers might find picnic tables and chairs, Adirondack chairs, and lounge seating made of redwood, and these pieces are excellent additions to any outdoor space.

You can also use redwood for manufacturing structural beams. Since the wood is strong and resistant to warping and shrinking, beams made from redwood can provide strength and stability to a structure. When providing support to ceilings or load-bearing walls, manufacturers recommend using laminated redwood beams. Redwood trim can also enhance the visual appeal of the exterior of a structure.

Redwood Protection and Maintenance

Although redwood is very durable, its appearance can fade over time. Following the construction of a deck, it’s smart to invest in protecting the material. At Teak Master, we can apply a protective coating that is specifically formulated for redwood. When we apply this coating, we start by lightly sanding the surface of the deck to remove the glaze applied at the lumber mill and open up the grain. This step ensures that the protective coating can properly penetrate the redwood and provide long-lasting results.

As part of the protection process, we’ll also apply a brightening agent that can prevent algae and black mold growth. By taking these steps after your deck has been constructed, you can protect it from damage and keep it functional and visually appealing for years to come.

Redwood Deck Restoration

If your redwood deck is looking a little worse for the wear, one option that is available to you is redwood restoration. Your deck may have sustained damage through the use of products that are not meant for redwood surfaces, or the previous property owner may not have cared for the outdoor space as well as they should have. No matter the reason, you can trust our experienced technicians to handle the redwood restoration process.

Our restoration process begins with a gentle cleaning, which can remove algae, black mold, dirt, and any coatings that were applied in the past. After washing your deck, our technicians will sand the surface to remove any materials that didn’t come off during the cleaning process. Sanding also removes the top layer of the wood, unearthing smooth and fresh wood that looks beautiful. Next, we’ll use a mild brightening rinse to remove sanding dust and brighten the wood, helping it to look its best. 

The final step in our deck restoration process is applying a protective coating. We recommend using a transparent or semi-transparent coating, as this allows the natural wood grain and color to show through. Our technicians apply all coatings with a brush to ensure a consistent result.

Need Help Restoring Your Redwood Deck?

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