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Most Important Questions to Ask a Deck Refinishing Specialist

Once you decide to start a project to build a new deck, you may be overwhelmed. Even if you hire a professional deck refinishing specialist, you may be uncertain about what you should ask and what information you should gather before the project begins. If you’re unsure where to start, these are some questions you can use to make sure that you’re choosing the right specialist and embarking on a project with a promising outcome.

What Do You Specialize In?

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One of the first things you need to ask a deck refinishing specialist is what kinds of decking they do. Some specialists will have a preferred material they work with, and often they’re more skilled in one or two material types. You may not want to hire somebody to complete a task that doesn’t have experience working with a material or type of deck you want to build.

Will You Take Care of the Permit?

For simple deck refinishing, you may not need a permit. However, if you want to do any sort of additional construction as part of a larger deck project, you’ll likely need one. When a contractor takes care of the permit on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about filling out the paperwork yourself. You’ll find that working with a deck refinishing specialist who takes care of the permit process is much more convenient. Make sure you clearly understand which party will take care of any necessary permits before you hire somebody for the job.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

The deck refinishing specialist you hire should be licensed and insured. This benefits you because it means that the contractors are covered in the event of injury or property damage. Plus, a contractor who’s licensed and insured is often more serious about their work than a contractor who isn’t.

Will You Subcontract the Work?

If you hire a deck refinishing specialist, you might expect they’ll do the work themselves. The truth is that some specialists will subcontract the work or hire staff members to do some of the tasks. If you have strong feelings about this, you may want to learn more about exactly who will be working on your home and what their qualifications are.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?

Specialists who stand by their work often offer a warranty. The deck refinishing specialist should offer some sort of warranty for the work they do. Under warranty, a deck refinishing specialist will cover defective work or materials used to create your deck. If something goes wrong during the building or installation process, the specialist may provide a repair or replacement for a certain length of time. Build realistic expectations by asking about the warranty ahead of time.

Do You Have References?

When you’re having your deck refinished, you want to know that it’s in good hands. You can rest assured knowing that your deck will be refinished properly by first asking for references. When you receive references, you can ask the clients if they were happy with the work and what the process was like. If you aren’t sure what to ask these references, you might want to start by asking if the specialist completed the project on schedule and if the project met the reference’s expectations. This will help you develop realistic expectations for your project.

What Materials or Tools Will You Use, and Why?

No matter what kind of deck project you have done, it’s important that you know what materials and tools your specialist will use. For example, will your specialist use a pressure washer, and is this something you’re okay with? What types of oils and other materials should you be aware of, and how will you need to maintain them in the future? If you have any special requests, you can talk about them with the contractor at this time as well.

What Does the Process Look Like?

When you choose to refinish your deck, it’s a good idea to understand what the process will look like. Not only do you want to know how long the process will take, but you’ll also need to plan accordingly. For instance, do you need to use a different door for a few days or weeks? Will you need to move the patio furniture somewhere else? These are questions you need to answer before the work begins.

Who Is My Contact?

If you need to get in touch with somebody over the course of your project, who should it be? Ask the specialist if you should contact the team’s office or if you can speak with the specialist personally via phone. If you have any scheduling or logistical adjustments you need to make, this will be helpful to know.

How Much Does the Project Cost?

The cost has a lot to do with the specialist you choose. You may be looking for the most affordable option, but the job may require some skill and additional materials. Ask for a specific quote so you know exactly what to expect at the end of the project. This is also a good time to ask if the project requires a deposit.

Does This Project Propose Any Unique Challenges?

When you ask your specialist to propose a plan for the project, you want to know that they’ve considered everything that could go wrong and anything that could present an issue in the future. The answer to this question will help you assess not only the specialist’s skill level but also his or her expectations and limitations.

Choose a Deck Refinishing Specialist Carefully

When it comes to choosing a deck refinishing specialist, it’s essential that you ask questions before the process begins. This will help you determine who to hire for the project. Teak Master knows that you look forward to revamping your old deck and how it can transform the appearance of your home. Spend time asking the right questions to get the results you love.

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