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Top 5 Healthy Food Spots in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, is roaring back to life following the massive closures of restaurants and the economic turmoil that ravaged the hospitality industry in 2020. The city’s culinary sector is experiencing rapid developments, thanks to the new establishments and the best food markets in Los Angeles. Whether you want to order takeout or dine in a health food restaurant, there are plenty of spots that can match your dietary requirements.

Santa Monica has plenty of healthy food restaurants for locals and visitors passing through when going for out-of-state road trips. Our experts at Teak Master give you this list of the top five spots to check out next time.

Berbere Restaurant

Santa Monica, CA Healthy Food Spots

Image via Unsplash by Brooke Lark

Los Angeles often approaches the vegan diet from a eurocentric perspective. However, the Berbere Ethiopian restaurant run by Tezeta “Tete” Alemayehu is changing this perspective to an African-inspired vegan diet. Located at 510 Santa Monica Blvd., Berbere offers more than just healthy foods. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Alemayehu has vast experience with vegan diets — at least 50% of Ethiopians do not consume animal products for over 200 days per year. The nutritionist chef flavors her dishes with Ethiopian spices and sauces, much to the delight of diners.

A visit to Berbere is an opportunity to enjoy some of the tastiest and healthiest dishes made from fresh farm produce. The menu features delicious tacos and sliders that have significantly increased the restaurant’s popularity in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Berbere is more than a traditional Ethiopian restaurant as Alemayehu’s talent influences the menu in many ways.

You can order fresh injera flatbread prepared daily, rosemary root salad, and garbanzo stew, among other delicacies. Quench your thirst with fresh juices and healthy smoothies prepared from organic ingredients. Access and bookings are through walk-ins only.


Soko is a new spot in Santa Monica with stellar sushi, allowing you to embark on a cultural trip to the west side. The facility is an intimate eight-sitter frequented by regular locals keen on their diet. Experienced chef Masa Shimakawa, a native of Hokkaido, puts his best and refined techniques in the art of sushi making.

The dining section allows you to get close to other diners in a conversation while enjoying your food. The fresh fish offered in the pop-up will give you a reason to become a regular.

Check out this establishment when searching for a healthy meal outing for your family in Santa Monica. Located at 101 Wilshire Blvd., the eatery is in close proximity to the charming Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, a few meters from the beach. The wide selection of menus ensures the restaurant continually meets all their customers’ diet needs. Soko also takes requests for an off-menu secret role that offers an excellent gold-flake topped delicacy of avocado, toro, salmon, and caviar.

The Fia

Located on Wilshire Boulevard, the Fia sits on the former Wilshire Restaurant’s space. The spot feels like a private enchanted garden featuring a lush patio full of plants and romantic overhead lights that create a unique golden glow at night. The owners understand the role of aesthetics in creating a remarkable eatery atmosphere.

The restaurant’s chef Brendan Collins updates the menu to match the globally evolving palate, focusing on the season’s fresh supplies. Visitors get a one-of-kind experience with top-of-class appetizers, including grilled Spanish octopus and spicy-tuna-stuffed arancini. The main course includes carefully executed Italian proteins and portions of pasta, like the ultra-tender Beef Wellington, which chefs serve with bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Its beverage program features carefully crafted cocktails with a new and old wine list that cater to everyone’s needs. Visit The Fia on Friday evening for a one-of-its-kind dining experience. You can order cocktails and share a light moment with loved ones or other diners. Fia’s experienced staff ensures that what you order is what you get.


Socalo is a perfect example of another door opening when one closes. After more than two decades in operation, the famous Mary Sue and Susan Feniger’s Border Grill closed in 2016. However, healthy food lovers in Santa Monica, California, were compensated with the opening of Socalo in the same spot a few years later.

What makes this eatery spot unique is its breezy environment and servings of authentic Mexican diet focusing on:

  • Organic rice.
  • Corn tortillas.
  • Beans.
  • Hormone-free meats.
  • Farmer’s market produces.
  • Sustainable seafood.

Their menu has all your needs covered when looking for a spot to eat main courses or a light bite with loved ones. Visit Socalo to enjoy salads, tacos, burritos, and ceviche, besides an assortment of spirits, craft beers, and Mexican wines. Feel free to ask for an extra salsa Macha, spicy condiment flavored with olive oil, pepitas, garlic, sesame seeds, and almonds.

You can access the restaurant by walk-ins or reservations. Pre-order your favorite Mexican dish from their menu or request a customized healthy meal prepared according to your dietary needs or preferences.

Citrin and Melisse

A beachside health food spot offers an unmatched dining experience, and the Citrin and Melisse restaurant has an excellent view of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the spot’s unique aspects is the two separate entrances offering distinct customer experiences. The outdoor garden has foods like lobster and truffle risotto.

Their signature dish is full of amuse-bouches and canapés featuring several ingredients, including:

  • Shiso leaf.
  • Uni.
  • Caviar.
  • Chanterelles.
  • Salmon en papillote.

Visit this restaurant to appreciate its celebrated Josiah Citrin vision. You can book private dining with a loved one or plan a party for your family or colleagues.

Learn More From Teak Master

Whether you are in love with Japanese, Indian, Italian, French, or Ethiopian-culture dishes, or you are an absolute vegan, Santa Monica has numerous restaurants to cater to your palate and dietary needs. Even if you only pass through the city after a road trip or hiking the best trails in Los Angeles, try some of these spots for cultural inspiration. Explore the list from our Teak Master experts, choose a restaurant to visit with your loved ones, and enjoy your favorite health food. 

Did we miss any of your top spots? Contact us today, and we will add them to our subsequent lists.

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