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Should I Refinish or Replace My Wood Siding?

Redwood siding recently refinished by the Teak Master team

Wood siding can add the perfect touch to your Southern California home, but it’s essential to look after it to ensure it lasts for years. Properly maintained wood siding can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, boost its structural integrity, and increase your property’s value. Of course, knowing how to care for your home’s wood siding is vital. How can you decide whether refinishing it is enough or if replacing it is better?

That’s where the professionals come in. Here at Teak Master, we have knowledge and experience in refinishing and restoring wood siding, so you can rely on us to help you keep your home’s siding — and your home — at its best. Keep reading to learn the basics of wood siding maintenance and why you can depend on our expert team to care for your home’s wood siding.

When To Refinish Your Home’s Wood Siding

While much depends on weather and other conditions, wood siding can last 20 to 40 years if properly maintained. You should plan to refinish your home’s wood siding surfaces every few years. You can easily paint or stain wood siding to make it any color that fits your tastes. You can even use a clear stain that protects the wood but preserves the natural look. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to maintain the siding to keep it in the best possible shape.

If you decide to paint your home’s wood siding, you may need to recoat it periodically. A fresh coat of paint can do the trick if you find that it has peeled or cracked. Depending on how many layers of paint are on the siding, you may need to grind or strip it off before adding fresh paint to ensure a long-lasting paint job.

Paint can last four to 10 years on wood siding, depending on various factors, such as the climate, paint quality, and preparation techniques. This refinishing option can save you a lot of money since you won’t have to replace all the siding on your home. You can also customize wood siding to your taste by choosing from a broad range of color possibilities.

You may decide it’s time to have a wood siding expert such as Teak Master restore your home’s wood siding. Our experts know the best way to repair and refinish wood siding, from assessment to finished product. We know the ins and outs of the specific coating your home’s wood siding needs to protect it from the elements while bringing out its beauty.

When To Replace Your Home’s Wood Siding

Proper home maintenance, including periodical wood siding refinishing, can ensure it lasts as long as possible. However, if you’ve noticed the wood has become damaged by dry rot, insect infestations, or water, you’ll need to restore the siding fully. If you’ve purchased a home with wood siding that hasn’t received the proper care and maintenance, repairing or replacing it is a good idea.

Rotting boards are common with wood siding, often requiring repair to part of the siding or replacing it entirely. Depending on how far the rot travels, it’s an easy fix. Start by looking at your home’s exterior. If you see crumbling wood or boards starting to rot in an area, you may only need to repair those specific boards. But if the rot has spread to the entire exterior of your home, you may need to replace the wood siding fully.

You can often restore and replace sections of your home’s wood siding without replacing all of it. For example, you can usually repair damaged boards instead of re-siding the entire house. But if the siding has severe damage or has caused your home to have structural issues, you’ll need to move forward with replacing the siding.

Wood siding can rapidly deteriorate (especially when exposed to moisture) and is prone to insect problems. Because restoring specific sections is easy, you can reduce the repair work cost by replacing only the damaged parts and repainting and refinishing the rest.

Understanding Wood Siding Maintenance

Good maintenance practices can help extend the life of your home’s wood siding. Keeping it in good condition will make it easier to determine when to refinish versus replace it.

Staying up to date with proper siding maintenance and making minor repairs when needed can help you avoid major repairs later. A good cleaning goes a long way, and you should clean your home’s wood siding at least once yearly.

You can complete the task with a pressure washer, but keep in mind that you must check for gaps or holes in the siding carefully before using this tool. Preventing excess moisture from getting underneath the wood is also vital to avert moisture issues. Finally, remember that wood is a relatively soft material, so you should exercise caution when using a high-pressure water stream to avoid gouging it or causing it to splinter.

Professional Assessment and Recommendations

Teak Master’s team of professionals can help you evaluate whether to refinish or replace your home’s wood siding. Our team is highly skilled in wood siding restoration and can perform a professional assessment to give you recommendations about your wood siding project. No matter your decision, Teak Master can help you ensure your home’s exterior looks good and lasts as long as possible.

Is It Time To Refinish or Replace Your Home’s Wood Siding?

Homes in Southern California look beautiful with properly maintained wood siding. When deciding between refinishing and replacing your home’s wood siding, consider whether the wood has experienced significant damage from insects, rot, or water. Contact Teak Master for a consultation to determine the best course for your home’s wood siding.

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