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Should My Front Door and Garage Door Match?

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You may not always consider how your front and garage doors function within your home’s exterior design. When considering exterior renovations or updates to your property, whether or not to match the front and garage doors is an important decision. At Teak Master, we can help you by providing professional advice and services to assist you with your home’s exterior. In this article, we’ll explore design considerations and the pros and cons of matching your front and garage doors.

Aesthetic and Design Considerations

As you think about whether to match your front and garage doors, consider how you use the doors each day.

Garage doors generally serve a more practical function for the home. You close and open them when parking your vehicle or storing recycling bins and lawn equipment inside the garage. A front door invites guests to enter your home, setting the tone for their visit with you.

In addition to determining how you use your front and garage doors, pay close attention to your home’s shutters, siding, and decorative trim. These features should complement, not compete with, the doors. Incorporating details from exterior elements, such as paint colors, into the front and garage doors allows you to achieve continuity and harmony within your home’s exterior design.

Impact on Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything for a home, especially if the house is on the real estate market, and the community you live in can play a part in the character of your home’s exterior doors. But even if you’re not selling your property, focusing on your home’s exterior presentation can enhance its value.

Exterior doors, such as front doors and garage doors, contribute to your home’s overall curb appeal by providing anchor spots for a viewer’s eyes to rest upon. Matching the front and garage doors creates design symmetry that can give the property’s exterior an appealing appearance to passers-by.

Material and Color Choices

Your style and your home’s overall aesthetic will influence the material and colors you select for your front and garage doors.


Consistency is essential when selecting the materials for your home’s front and garage doors. Consider the elements already used in your home, such as brick, stone, vinyl, and wood, to ensure the doors complement the existing exterior materials.

The materials you use on each door surface can be different from one another. For example, if your garage door is wood, you don’t necessarily have to install a wood front door. Installing a metal garage door and a wood front door can help set the two spaces apart within your home’s exterior design.

Color Choices

Consider your home’s exterior colors when shopping for a new front or garage door. Incorporating colors from the existing palette into the door designs will ensure a balanced look.

Some homeowners may want to emphasize one door over another based on use and placement. For example, painting the front door black to match the trim on mounted lighting fixtures or windows can add a bold pop of color to your home’s front entryway. Selecting a shade of white or cream for the garage door can allow you to incorporate it subtly within the rest of the exterior design.

Here are some tips for selecting colors for your doors:

  • Consider choosing a color that contrasts with your home’s exterior. Adding a contrasting color to the doors avoids a monochromatic look where elements of the home blend into each other.
  • Keep within color tones, either all warm or all cool colors. While you can use two different colors for each door, keep the colors within the same tones to avoid awkward clashes of color.
  • Before painting an entire door, paint a small corner to confirm that your chosen color is the one you want.
  • Classic color choices for garage doors include white, black, walnut, gray, beige, dark green, and red. Front doors can reflect these colors, but often, homeowners like to draw attention to a home’s entryway by using a bold, statement color.

Pros and Cons of Matching Front and Garage Doors

Matching your home’s front and garage doors has pros and cons.


  • When both doors are positioned close to one another within a home’s exterior design, matching the door styles ensures continuity and contributes to the overall visual appeal.
  • If your home features various combinations of stonework, woodwork, or paint shades, selecting a matching color and style for your front and garage doors balances your home’s exterior design aesthetic.
  • If you’re selling a home, matching the front and garage doors can boost its curb appeal and sale potential.


  • Your color choices can be limited, particularly if you want a bold, statement color for the front door. In this instance, it’s best to avoid repeating a bold color on the garage door.
  • Matching the front and garage doors can detract from your home’s entryway and its primary purpose of serving as a greeting area for guests.
  • Large garage doors can overwhelm a home’s exterior design if you match them with a front door that’s a different color or style than your siding or trim.

Revitalize Your Home’s Exterior Doors With Teak Master

Ultimately, the decision to match your home’s front and garage doors should align with your style and the property’s overall aesthetic. When seeking professional advice and services to help you achieve the look you desire for the doors leading into your home, you can rely on Teak Master. We’re proud to provide exterior wood refinishing, front and garage door refinishing, and teak restoration services to homeowners throughout Southern California. Contact us by email, or give us a call to schedule an appointment with a member of our Teak Master team.

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