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Top 10 Coffee Shops in Orange County, CA

Orange County, a vibrant region in Southern California, is known for its picturesque beaches, bustling cities, and thriving coffee culture. This blog post will take you on a journey through some of the top coffee shops in Orange County, where the art of brewing meets the warmth of community.

Vacancy Coffee

Cup of coffee sitting on a wooden table

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Nestled along the Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, Vacancy Coffee is a no-frills, high-quality coffee shop with a convenient location for surfers. Vacancy offers a delightful Australian approach to its brews, with a largely Aussie staff. The flat white here is a must-try, and the iced maple latte and Gothic mocha are nothing short of spectacular.

Phin Smith

Located in the heart of Garden Grove, Phin Smith is a vibrant space designed to inspire productivity and creativity. This café stands out for its Vietnamese iced coffee and unique tea blends, a nod to the owners’ global travels. The dynamic atmosphere of the city spills into this lively coffee shop, making it a local favorite.


Daydream in Newport Beach is a unique blend of coffee, surf club, home goods, and fashion. This sunny spot is dedicated to offering one-of-a-kind brews, steeped in surfer culture. Their rose cardamom latte is a crowd-pleaser, and the shop’s commitment to ethically sourced, upcycled fashion items adds to its charm.

MoonGoat Coffee

MoonGoat Coffee, with a roastery in Santa Ana and shops in Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, and Laguna, is a community-centric café with a people-first focus. They work directly with global suppliers, aiming for both sustainability and quality. The shop supports learning about coffee with workshops and events, making it a unique spot in the java landscape of Orange County.

Kéan Coffee

A brainchild of the Diedrich coffee family, Kéan Coffee in Newport Beach and Tustin is renowned for roasting single-origin, globally sourced green beans on-site. The café is managed by an award-winning barista, ensuring that each cup, be it a cappuccino or a nitrogen cold brew, is crafted to perfection.

KIT Coffee

KIT Coffee, located in Newport Beach and Irvine, offers a creative twist to your daily caffeine fix. Their specialty drinks are totally unique, like the Strawberry Alarm Clock, which combines the joy of a strawberry milkshake with the kick of espresso. The café also sells plants, adding a touch of greenery to your coffee experience, and offers delicious brunch fare.

Hopper and Burr

Located in Orange County’s first skyscraper, Hopper and Burr is a minimalist powerhouse of espresso expertise. The Litmus Tasting Flight and the Campfire Cappuccino are just a few examples of their innovative approach to coffee. The café also offers sustainably produced food items, like vegan ricotta toast.

Stereoscope Coffee

Stereoscope Coffee in Newport Beach, with its Renaissance-style ceiling painting that requires 3D glasses, offers an awe-inspiring design alongside its coffee. This award-winning micro-roasterie boasts eco-friendly packaging and sustainably sourced beans that can be purchased by subscription. The NASA-designed pour-over system used here ensures consistency and minimizes wait times, making this café a must-visit for both coffee aficionados and art lovers.

Contra Coffee and Tea

Contra Coffee and Tea in Orange is a trendy spot offering a unique selection of high-quality coffee and tea drinks on tap. Their signature Contra Latte, made with honey and cinnamon, is a standout. They also offer a variety of loose-leaf teas, tea growler refills, and delicious pastries.

Rekindle Coffee

Rekindle Coffee is designed to welcome customers with the homestyle warmth of a small town. Breakfast and lunch sandwiches alongside an array of European pastries make this café a delightful destination for those who like nosh with their coffee. In addition to offering smooth coffees, Rekindle donates regularly to non-profit organizations within Orange.

Explore Orange County’s Coffee Scene

Orange County’s coffee scene is as diverse as it is vibrant, offering something for every coffee lover. Each café brings its unique flavor to the table, in ambience, culture, and menu. As you explore these coffee havens, remember that, just like a piece of teak furniture perfectly restored by Teak Master, each cup of coffee you savor is a masterpiece in its own right.

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