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Top Ways to Weatherproof Your Front Door

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A well-maintained front door not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also protects your interior from the elements, such as wind, rain, and inclement weather. Have you noticed a dip in the quality of your home’s heating and cooling system? Or does water enter your home when it rains? Your front door likely needs weatherproofing to prevent these issues from occurring and getting worse. 

Not sure where to start? Teak Master is here to help. With over 20 years of experience in door maintenance and weatherproofing services in the areas of Los Angeles and Orange County, California, our expert team provides quality service and resolutions to care for all your exterior wood problems. Discover the whys and hows of weatherproofing your front door with our helpful guide.

Importance of Weatherproofing Your Front Door

It’s common knowledge that windows are a leading cause of a drafty home, but the exterior doors are also a contributing factor. Gaps in the front door compromise the tight seal needed to prevent unwanted air from entering your house. These gaps also negatively affect your home’s heating and cooling system, making it more difficult to stay warm in the winter, since the heat escapes through the cracks. Weatherproofing your front door is essential to maintaining the comfort level of your home and reducing your energy bills.

Weatherproof Your Front Door With Caulk

Caulk is commonly applied during a door installation, preventing drafts and moisture from entering your home. While it’s an effective solution, caulk wears down and deteriorates over time. If you notice a draft coming in from your front door, the caulk likely needs replacing. 

Remove old caulk with a flathead screwdriver or a knife, and apply a new layer of fresh caulk using the nozzle for precise application. Depending on your comfort with DIY projects, you can resolve this issue independently or contact an exterior door expert for professional assistance.

Put in Weatherstrips To Weatherproof Your Front Door

Adding a weatherstrip around the opening is another easy way to weatherproof your front door. Weatherstrips fill gaps around movable components of your home, such as windows and doors, and prevent air from coming in while still allowing seamless opening and closing. 

Weatherstrips are often made from rubber or foam but can be purchased in silicone, felt, or vinyl. They’re easily installable, requiring you to cut the strips to size and secure them with a self-adhesive strip. Install the strip along the bottom or around the whole door frame if desired.

Update Your Front Door’s Hardware for Better Weatherproofing

You may not realize it, but worn hardware on your front door can cause poor seals, allowing drafts to enter your property. Your front door’s hardware includes doorknobs, latches, hinges, and locksets. If any of these pieces are rusted, loose, or broken, they need replacing to ensure your door is properly weatherproofed. 

However, if you notice significant cracks or damaged connections, it may be time to replace your wooden front door. Depending on the severity, our exterior wood refinishing specialists can refinish or replace your front door to improve its weatherproofing abilities.

Keep the Water Out and Install a Door Threshold

While heavy rain is uncommon in Los Angeles and Orange County, you still want to ensure your home can keep the water out when the area is hit with a heavy rainstorm. A door threshold establishes a barrier between your front door and the outside, diverting water from flowing into your property through the door’s bottom edge. 

If your front door doesn’t have a threshold, installing one is a good idea to weatherproof your home. If you notice a gap after installation, add a door sweep to prevent outside air from coming in and adding a layer of protection. Door sweeps have bristles that effectively sweep away unwanted dirt or pests from entering your home when in use. 

Protect Your Front Door With a Draught Excluder

Weatherproofing your front door minimizes heat loss and prevents drafts from entering your home. If there’s a dip in efficiency from your property’s heating and cooling system, gaps may be beneath your front door. You can resolve this issue by installing a draught excluder. A draught excluder or draft stopper is a plastic or metal fixing plate with thick bristles that cover the gap between your door and the floor.

Regular Maintenance Tips

After installing one or more weatherproofing solutions, you should regularly inspect your front door to ensure everything works as expected. Uphold the quality of your front door’s weatherproofing abilities with these regular maintenance tips:

  • Check for gaps or drafts by moving your hand around the door. If you use weatherstrips and you feel air coming through, your weatherstrips may need replacing.
  • Double-check the screws on your front door’s hardware, and tighten any loose screws with a screwdriver. If any screws are missing, replace them to prevent air from escaping or entering your home.
  • Check for an air gap by placing a sheet of paper under your front door. If the paper slides through, inspect your threshold’s rubber seal, which may be damaged or flattened and need replacing.
  • Clean your front door, jamb, and threshold regularly to remove dirt, dust, or debris, which can prevent it from forming a tight seal. Cleaning the surfaces can also improve the ability of weatherproofing materials to stick better during and after installation.
  • Inspect your front door to ensure there are no bumps, dents, or cracks on the surface or surrounding area. A bent or dented door requires restoration or replacement for better weatherproofing.

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Maintain your home’s aesthetic value and protect it from harsh weather by weatherproofing your front door. Weatherstrips and fresh caulk are great temporary DIY solutions. But if you’re ready for professional help, contact us at Teak Master for expert assistance. We proudly offer on-site and off-site services throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, California. If your front door or exterior wood needs refinishing, restoration, or replacement, we’ll provide the utmost care and make your home look fantastic in no time.

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