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Henry Hall Designs

Henry Hall Designs is a leading company for outdoor furniture. If you want to upgrade your outdoor space with stunning pieces for dining, lounging, or conversation, you’ll find everything you need in these collections. Henry Hall Designs has a long history of providing durable, high-quality items that will serve you well for years to come with the proper care.

The History of Henry Hall Designs

Image via Unsplash by Brett Jordan

Brown Wooden Plank in Close Up

Image via Unsplash by Brett Jordan

Henry Andrew Hall, the founder of Henry Hall Designs, started gathering inspiration for his furniture designs in the 1980s. Traveling the world, he collected ample insights into furniture development and construction. Combining these ideas with his family influences, Hall began creating an outdoor furniture collection.

Henry Hall Designs was officially established in 1999. The business has since expanded to include nine furniture collections. Several award-winning designers worldwide have contributed to these stunning furniture pieces that bring new life and interest to your home.

Henry Hall Designs Furniture

Henry Hall Designs delivers a full range of furniture items for your home’s outdoor spaces. These products are carefully crafted to withstand the elements while providing outstanding design features and great aesthetic appeal. Shopping Henry Hall Designs, you can find:

  • Chairs: Find the perfect seating for any space with options like modern domino director chairs, tall bar stools, and dining chairs with or without arms.
  • Lounge Chairs: Lounge comfortably with plush outdoor lounge chairs and ottomans. Flexible synthetic weave offers just enough support while still letting you sink into the chair’s embrace.
  • Sofas: Stretch out on spacious sofas and lounge beds. Select designs even let you build up your lounge area yourself. Select from the left, right, and open middle pieces to build a long couch, l-shaped couch, or U-shaped seating area to suit your individual space.
  • Benches: Simple and sleek bench seating is a great way to enhance your outdoor area simply.
  • Tables: Choose from dining tables, end tables, and coffee tables for your outdoor space. Explore circular designs, neat square tables, and long rectangular pieces.
  • Occasional Tables: Occasional tables are primarily decorative and wonderfully versatile. Choose from a wide range of coffee tables, end tables, and convenient trays.
  • Chaises: Chaises let you lean back and lounge comfortably on the deck, pool, or porch. These are available with or without cushioning.
  • Accessories: Customize your furniture with personalized cushions and covers for your Henry Hall Designs furniture.

Henry Hall Designs Collections

While Henry Hall has contributed to many furniture collections himself, the company also offers collections designed by other talented artists from around the world. You can explore a wide variety of styles throughout these stunning furniture lines.

  • Welcome Weave Collection: The Welcome Weave collection features sleek teak furniture with modern powdered coated aluminum legs. Woven armrests give the seating pieces a distinctive look, while neat rectangular cushions soften the feel. Complete your collection with a coordinating pouf and teak coffee table.
  • Tru Pure Collection: The Tru Pure collection from Andrei Munteanu and Henry Hall includes a customizable modular lounge, comfortable sofa, rolling chaise, minimalist dining chairs, and a selection of teak tables to pull it all together.
  • Flow Collection: John Reeves designed the Flow collection. These pieces, constructed from teak and 100% recycled aluminum, have a slightly industrial appeal softened by smooth flowing lines. The zinc patina finish invokes the softness of river stones for the chairs, sofas, benches, and tables in this collection.
  • Domino Collection: The Domino collection blurs the line between indoor and outdoor furniture with richly upholstered sofas, lounge chairs, and director chairs that have soft lines and ample comfort. Pair these cozy seating options with the contemporary teak tables in this collection.
  • Serene/Synthesis Collection: The spa-like Serene/Synthesis collection features sustainably sourced teak and 100% recyclable Waprolace synthetic fiber. Create a laid-back atmosphere with a tropical feel using these woven chairs and modular sofas. Enjoy enhanced comfort on the reclining chaise or canopied day bed. This collection also includes several dining, side, and coffee tables.
  • Mariposa Collection: Ted Boerner designed the Mariposa collection with deep cushions and soft enveloping curves for a feeling of elegance. A wide selection of tables and seating make it easy to outfit your space.
  • Arches/Les Arcs Collection: This eye-catching design features large loops of tubular aluminum rods anchored in teak for a stunning look that will transform any outdoor space.
  • Welcome Teak Collection: The Welcome Teak collection includes a modular sofa, pouf, and a neat teak coffee table. Sleek and simple, this collection can fit anywhere.
  • Tweed Collection: Marco Paolelli and Sando Meneghello designed this bold collection, which features stark woven seating with a combination of teak and metal elements.

Refinishing and Restoring Henry Hall Designs Furniture

Henry Hall Designs offers a wide variety of teak furniture that will give your outdoor space unparalleled appeal. It’s important to give teak furniture regular care and attention to keep it in prime condition. Though teak is a low-maintenance material when compared to other options, it does require maintenance and  protection. The wood naturally oxidizes over time as it’s exposed to the elements.

A professional restoration service like Teak Master can help you keep your outdoor furniture in prime condition. We offer options ranging from basic cleaning to full restoration, including stripping away previous coatings and applying a new sealer. We can remove mold, dirt, and oxidation. If you’re unhappy with your previous coating, we can carefully strip away oil, varnish, or polyurethane to give you a fresh start.

To keep your Henry Hall Designs furniture in prime condition, we recommend regular cleaning. Solvents, UV reflectors, and oils gradually wear away. You will need more frequent services in coastal areas like Laguna, Malibu, or Newport Beach. Inland homes in areas like Encino and Pasadena may need teak cleaning and restoration less often.

If you have teak furniture from Henry Hall Designs on your porch, patio, or deck, contact Teak Master for the services and solutions you need. We’ll help you keep your furniture in beautiful shape year-round. Contact us for your restoration project today!


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