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Santa Monica Wood Restoration: Furniture, Decks, Homes, and More

When you live in the home of the world’s first solar-powered Ferris wheel and are looking to give your deck an overhaul, the best place for you is Teak Master. We serve people in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas and are excited to help you care for your home. Whether you need your teak patio furniture serviced, a deck restained, or are working on some home restoration for your siding, Teak Master aims to provide you with the best information and service available.

Teak Master has over 20 years of expertise ready to serve you. If you’re a Santa Monica business owner, we can even work with you to help restore your outdoor seating to keep everything looking like new and ensure you get the most out of your investment. Although we began in Pasadena, we are proud to expand our services to Santa Monica and help you extend the life of your outdoor wood surfaces, protect your teak investment, and make sure you don’t needlessly spend money on some new seating when what your items truly need is some care and maintenance. 

About Us

Weathered Outdoor Wooden Table Set

Image via Flickr by Shai Aharony

What began as a family business in 1997 has developed to become one of Southern California’s premiere businesses in outdoor deck and furniture care. Inspired by his father’s lifelong work and expertise in house painting, owner Tim Gilliam began actively researching and learning how to maintain and restore the beautiful blonde colors in teak wood. Relying on his father’s knowledge, the men answered a few calls about teak restoration and soon became the Southern California area experts for everything teak-related.  

Today, the once house-painting business proudly offers services for all exterior wood care. Teak Master can support you in caring for your pergolas, wood decks, siding, kids’ play sets, garage doors, and entire homes. Our unique and licensed company specializes in giving you individualized attention and quality service. We offer on-site services, but can also go anywhere in Santa Monica. With over 20 years of tried-and-true techniques in master wood care, Teak Master will leave you in awe. 

Our Location and Directions

If you’re looking to place your exterior wood needs in the capable and caring hands of Teak Master, we are easy to find. You can come down to visit our headquarters and talk about your refinishing or resurfacing needs. You’ll find us at 9624 Rush St., Unit B, in South El Monte, California. Heading to us from Santa Monica, just hop on I-10 East, and keep driving for about 26 minutes. Take Exit 10-A for N. Rosemead Blvd. You’ll find us on Rush. If you pass the red roof on Tom’s Famous Burgers, you’ve gone too far. Stop in with us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

We are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Give us a visit or call 888-972-9568, even if your teak is brand-new. We have the best way to preserve it, save you money, and save the environment by caring for it during the initial stages. 

Teak Refinishing and Restoration in Santa Monica, CA

Our name says it all. We provide master care, service, and knowledge in caring for your teak deck, siding, or exterior furniture. Teak is natural, elegant, beautiful, and extremely durable when treated right. Although in the past teak was sold as maintenance-free, when you’re dealing with the Santa Monica weather, take a few precautionary steps to extend the life of any item made of teak. Being so close to the beach, you deal with gusts of wind, salt, and heat. The wood can oxidize, change colors, and blacken because contaminants and dirt constantly land on the surface. 

Every teak refinishing and resurfacing we perform begins with a thorough cleaning to remove surface dirt and stains. We carefully sand to the surface to ensure a smooth surface and expose the fresh wood. Then, we’ll clean the surface again with a brightening agent to bring out the wood’s beauty, prevent black mold, and remove sanding dust. A final protective coat of manufacturer-recommended sealers is applied to the wood. Other options include stains, varnishes, clear coats, and marine paints. You’ll get to decide what you like based on your needs and the aesthetic you are going for. 

Deck Refinishing and Restoration in Santa Monica, CA

The Santa Monica sun can wreak havoc on your deck. Pair that with the high humidity and you can be assured your deck will need some routine care and maintenance to keep the natural beauty of the wood and add value to your home and life. Teak Masters works to preserve the unique appearance and characteristics of the wood deck, whether it be teak, mahogany, tigerwood, cedar, redwood, ipe, or cumaru. We use techniques that are special to each wood, formulated with their unique traits in mind, and created considering the Santa Monica climate and environmental factors. 

We offer service, advice, and guidance to help you preserve the look of your deck, whether it is brand-new or has grown with you and your family over the years. Keep in mind that specific woods will dictate the type and frequency of care needed, so it is important to be proactive in your approach. Contact us as soon as possible.

Home Restoration Services

Exterior wood suffers through winds, rain, dust, and sun damage. It can happen so gradually that it takes a keen eye and some time to notice. Don’t let the look or condition of your home siding frustrate you. Teak Master is an expert in home restoration repair services with trained craftsmen to help keep your home looking polished. We work with shingles, siding, garage doors, wood trims, and front doors using our cutting-edge restoration techniques. We’ll keep your house looking fresh through all seasons. 

Furniture Brands That Teak Master Specializes In

Although there are many brands that sell quality outdoor patio furniture and accessories, we focus on these quality producers of teak furniture and wood furnishings:

  • Gloster.
  • Summit.
  • Brown Jordan.
  • Sutherland.
  • Janus et Cie.
  • Kingsley Bate.
  • Jensen Leisure.
  • Henry Hall.
  • Giati.

If you already own outdoor wood furniture in Santa Monica, let us help keep it looking great at all times. A reasonable timetable to have your furniture serviced in Southern California is every four to eight months. To learn more about how Teak Master can help you, contact us using our online form, or call 888-972-9568

Bring Life Back to Your Wood Investment