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Best Woodworking Studios in Los Angeles

If you’re interested in learning a new craft that uses your hands, why not consider taking up woodworking? If you’re ready for this adventure, visit a woodworking studio so you can take classes taught by professionals within the industry. Impressively, some sites include a workspace to practice what you’ve learned. 

When looking in the Los Angeles, California, area for woodworking studios, make sure you check out one of these four locations.

Allied Woodshop

Los Angeles Woodworking Studio

Image via Pixabay by www-erzetich-com

A woman-owned community woodshop, Allied Woodshop sits in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, on East Pico Boulevard. Its doors opened in 2014, and since then, the studio has offered a diverse and inclusive space for everyone. If you’re a woodworking professional, you can use resident benches, which give you access to a community of woodworkers for a low monthly fee. You also gain access to a suite of tools and machines to fine-tune your woodworking projects.

Even if you’re not a skilled craftsperson just yet, you can take advantage of the studio’s woodworking classes. Two of its more popular classes are:

  • Danish Cord Weaving: Footstool. In this class, learn the art of Danish cord weaving from one of the local masters. You’ll receive a handcrafted footstool and be taught how to weave the top.
  • Intro to Woodworking. This introductory workshop shows you the basics of tools used for furniture making. You’ll use a table saw, drill press, and bandsaw to create a hardwood cutting board.

Community Woodshop

Community Woodshop, established in 2012 in nearby Glendale, offers a shared workspace that offers membership and classes. These classes and workshops allow you to learn more about the techniques for creating stunning pieces so that you can become a member and work independently. Woodworking classes are open to 15-year-olds and older, unless otherwise noted. Still, for anyone under 18, a parent or guardian will need to sign a liability waiver before a minor begins classes. A few popular class options include:

  • Cutting Boards. You’ll use jointer, planer, and table saw to learn how to make a wooden cutting board.
  • DIY Bench. This two-session workshop involves instruction on how to build a bench out of Western cedar wood.
  • Intro to Woodturning. The instructor will teach you the basics of turning, which is a technique used to make bowls, vases, and platters.

Membership options come in several tiers so that you can choose the best fit for your needs. They range from weekend memberships (limited to just 10 hours per month up) to a professional membership, which lets you have access to the workspace up to 80 hours per month. You can also pay for access to a storage locker to house your works.

LA Woodshop

LA Woodshop, located on Paloma Street, is owned by three men who combined have more than 50 years of knowledge about furniture making and architectural woodworking. Eric Clem began transforming his fascination with woodworking into physical forms from his Brooklyn apartment, before relocating to the Los Angeles area. Marty Johnson grew up in the mountains of northern California, where he helped his father create custom log furniture. The third co-owner is Nathan Stefanelli, who has designed and created work across the country.

These owners use a network of professionals within the craft and woodworking industries to organize educational events, classes, and meeting spaces so those in the community can learn how to create masterpieces. Whether you’re a novice or looking to hone your skills, there’s a class for you. Some of these classes include:

  • Hand-Cut Dovetails Masterclass. Master woodworker Nathan Hill teaches this class, which guides you through the fundamentals and techniques of creating hand-cut dovetails.
  • Intro to Woodworking. This class teaches you the basics of woodworking. You’ll turn a rough piece of wood into a finished piece, which you can take home.
  • Picture Frames. Instructors take you through the process of making a solid wood picture frame that’s ready to hang on the wall once you leave the class.
  • Tables Class. This in-depth class involves a study of the fundamentals of furniture making. You’ll make a table from rough lumber over 40 hours and eight weeks of classes.

School of Fine Woodworking

The School of Fine Woodworking is located about 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles, in Anaheim. Although billed more as a school than a studio, this outfit delivers an intensive, hands-on experience and focuses on the finest woodworking techniques taught by renowned instructors. These experts are professional woodworkers who use their experience rather than theory to tutor students. What’s more, you have access to a variety of courses for all skill levels, ranging from one to eight days. Several of the more popular courses are:

  • Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking. In this class, you’ll learn the secret to fine woodworking and the fundamentals. The class specializes in draw-ups, sharpening, and measuring tools.
  • Making Custom Cabinets. This class uncovers the different techniques and methods used to construct cabinets. Before the class ends, you’ll build a cabinet with a face frame.
  • Sculpted Rocking Chair. You need experience using hand tools for this advanced class because the class moves at a fast pace. You’ll explore sculpting, balance, bent lamination, and joinery to create a sculpted rocking chair. 
  • Sharpening and Hand Tool Tune-Up. In this class, you’ll learn about different techniques for sharpening your tools. After all, there’s nothing worse than using tools that are too dull, especially when cutting wood. 

No matter what your skill level is when it comes to woodworking, Los Angeles studios has you covered. These four locations highlighted by Teak Master are the best for studying the art of woodworking. They’ll hone your skills and even provide you with a workspace to create stunning furniture pieces that you can place in your personally or professionally designed home. If we missed any studios that you feel we should’ve highlighted, kindly reach out to us so we can add them to our list.

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