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Ipe Deck Refinishing: Varnish Removal

Video Transcription: Hey everyone, Tim Gilliam with Teak Master here, and we’re in beautiful, sunny Newport Beach, California, and we’re about to get started on refinishing an Ipe deck that has been coated with varnish. Why you shouldn’t use varnish?… Read More ►

Ipe Deck Refinishing

Video Transcription: Welcome and thank you for visiting our Ipe deck restoration page. You’ve probably come to our website in search of answers on how to properly care for and protect your Ipe deck. Before we begin, we should talk… Read More ►

Deck Restoration Technique

Video Transcription: Hello and welcome to our deck restoration page. My name is Tim Gilliam, owner of Teak Master. We’re a fully licensed company dedicated to the often-overlooked field of professional deck restoration and maintenance. Our 20 years of experience… Read More ►