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Video Transcription:

Hello and welcome to our deck restoration page. My name is Tim Gilliam, owner of Teak Master. We’re a fully licensed company dedicated to the often-overlooked field of professional deck restoration and maintenance. Our 20 years of experience restoring valuable wood types such as redwood, ipe, bangerra’s teak, and cedar certifies us as the foremost experts in deck restoration and all exterior wood care. We’re here to discuss Teak Master’s process on how to properly and efficiently restore your wood deck. Over the course of two decades, we’ve seen it all – from blistering and peeling varnish to sticky over-application. There is no deck that we can’t restore back to new condition.

We begin our process by cleaning the wood to remove surface dirt, gray oxidation, mold, algae, and previous coatings. This particular deck is made of ipe and had not been treated for several years. It had weathered to an unsightly black and gray color because it had not been maintained for a long period of time. Some decks have old coatings that can be tough to remove and may need additional cleaning techniques to help break them down. The wood will need to go through a drying period before it is ready for the next step, which is sanding. Wood type and climate will determine how fast the wood will dry.

Sanding is the next step in our refinishing process. Sanding will not only remove remaining contaminants cleaning doesn’t quite eliminate, it also exposes fresh new wood, opens the grain and smooths the surface all in one. Sanding is one of the most crucial steps in our deck restoration process and often skipped by others but is absolutely necessary. The wood will be cleaned to remove residual dust from the grain. We clean with wood brightener to promote the natural color and eliminate any contaminants that may be embedded in the wood. Teak Master’s intense preparation ensures a hundred percent optimal results.

The final step is the application of the protective coating. Your specific wood type coupled with a look or color you are trying to achieve will determine the best protective coating. We use fine oil-based sealers for redwood, ipe, teak, garrus, cumaru, and all other woods. Water-based products are available in solid stains for a clean and even look for almost any wood type. We apply all of our coatings by brush to ensure each and every piece of wood receives maximum penetration and saturation.

The microclimate your deck is located in will determine when it’s time for maintenance. We usually recommend coating decks within four to eight months or whenever visually necessary. This is where we come in. We’ll establish a planned maintenance schedule to keep your deck protected and looking great all the time. No matter the condition or wood type of your deck, we can save it and restore it back to its original glory. Give us a call today to make your deck look great!

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